How to Embrace Your Love for Nature and Enjoy the Best Activities

How to Embrace Your Love for Nature and Enjoy the Best Activities | ecogreenlove

Nature is something we all instinctively love and enjoy, but sometimes, we get too caught up in our busy lives and forget to appreciate it. Luckily, there are many ways to reconnect with nature and embrace its beauty, regardless of where you live or how much time you have.

Of course, there are always the classic choices like taking up hiking, camping, etc. But today, we bring you a few somewhat more unorthodox ideas.

Check out these suggestions for embracing your love of nature through some activities that you might not typically consider.

Start a nature journal

Keeping a nature journal is a great way to observe and appreciate the natural world around you. All you need is a notebook, pencil, and a few hours to spare. Start by writing down the date, time, and your location. You can note down additional factors like the weather, the moon phase, etc. Then describe what you see, hear, and smell.

For instance, you can note the song of birds in your backyard, the colors of the flowers, or the texture of the leaves. Make a note of how the landscape is laid out, whether there is any wildlife in the area, as well as any people. Try to identify the flora and fauna that you encounter.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just the greenery and the critters, either. You can give your nature journal a completely different theme and focus on stones, rock formations, minerals, bodies of water, go fossil hunting, etc.

Additionally, you can use your journal to sketch the different plants, animals, insects, or landscapes that you come across. You don’t need to be an artist to draw, just do your best and enjoy the process. Over time, you will have a personal record of your observations, which can help you appreciate the small details and changes in the nature around you.

Pro tip: if you really don’t feel like notebooks and hand-drawn sketches are your thing no worries! There’s no reason you can’t make your nature journal digital. Take photos and make them the central point of your entries. You can use a digital camera and compile albums, or save your pictures in a dedicated journaling app.

Get into practical and decorative gardening

Gardening is a wonderful way to connect with nature, and you don’t need a lot of space or experience to get started. If you have a small balcony or window, you can plant herbs, flowers, or vegetables in pots or other suitable containers. Alternatively, if you have a garden, you can create flower beds, vegetable patches, or even a mini orchard.

Just make sure you invest in good equipment from the start. If you live in a smallish urban home, it’s okay to improvise with pots, e.g. by reusing product containers. But do get yourself a good trowel, small rake, and a planter tool. Consider also a couple of handy otf knives – they are versatile and sturdy and can help you with trimming, digging, shaping, and harvesting, without having to get separate gardening tools for each task.

Apart from the joy of growing your own food or flowers, gardening has many other benefits. It can improve your mental health, reduce stress, and give you a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, you can use your gardening skills to create beautiful and practical items, such as wreaths, terrariums, or even natural dyes.


Learn about flower pressing

Flower pressing is a traditional craft that involves flattening and drying flowers and leaves between sheets of paper or fabric. It is an easy and fun way to preserve the beauty of nature and create unique pieces of art. Serious enthusiasts do it with a flower press, but feel free to improvise with heavy books and some absorbent paper. Kitchen paper towels work great.

Collect flowers, leaves, etc. that appeal to you. You can choose to press them as they are or arrange them in a pattern or design. After a few weeks, they’ll be dry and beautifully preserved. You can use them to create bookmarks, greeting cards, frame them as art pieces, or even cast them in resin to make unique accessories.

Take up nature studies

Nature studies involve learning about the natural world and its ecosystems through observation, research, and analysis. It’s the perfect activity for the nature lover who is more of the indoorsy type. Choose from a wide range of topics, such as geology, botany, ecology, or ornithology.

For example, note the different plants, animals, and insects in your area, and then learn about their habitats, behavior, and adaptations. Dig for minerals and fossils and learn to identify them and their historical context.

Don’t neglect online resources: further your interests through scientific articles or databases. Nature studies can be a rewarding and educational hobby, and it can help you develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

In conclusion, there are many ways to embrace your love for nature. The best nature activity for you will depend on your preferences and temperament. We hope this article gave you a few creative ideas. Whatever you choose, the key is to take the time to connect with nature, observe its beauty, and appreciate its value. By doing so, you can improve your well-being, creativity, and understanding of the fascinating world around you.

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