#Reclaim Your Health With the Power of Nature

#Reclaim Your Health With the Power of Nature | ecogreenlove

Maybe it’s the flu season that has inspired you to change your habits for the better, or you’re simply looking for effective ways to prevent the cold season from cause chaos in your life during the winter months, but Mother Nature is your best go-to health guru.

For thousands of years, we’ve used natural remedies to heal, prevent and cure diseases of all sorts, and our fast-paced lives could use a lesson or two on protecting our wellbeing with the help of nature. Although nature is an endless source of healthy recipes, the following are the most beneficial changes you can introduce to your life to finally restore your wellbeing!

A plate full of green

#Reclaim Your Health With the Power of Nature | ecogreenlove

And red, orange, yellow, blue and all other veggie shades we tend to neglect when reaching for a more convenient, quicker option. You’d be surprised to what extend changing your diet to include more plants can improve your immune system and long-term health. And luckily for us, each season offers a wide range of delicious, and equally potent plants you can use to craft your diet every day.

Eating greens is essential for maintaining your gut health, and it’s good to know that there hides about 80% of your entire immune system – so it’s worth the investment. Fibers, vitamins and minerals found in plants are required for optimal immune function, and as such, they have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the ability to protect your cardiovascular health and prevent many chronic illnesses. So, first thing’s first, check your fridge and get those green supplies!

Powerful herbs

#Reclaim Your Health With the Power of Nature | ecogreenlove

Whether you want to prevent or heal, herbs in the form of tea, spices and dietary supplements are your body’s best ally in maintaining your health. For instance, delicious cinnamon is very helpful in reducing blood-sugar levels and protecting your heart, while humble rosemary contains antioxidants that can help prevent various types of cancer, and garlic is an all-time favorite for all types of ailments.

In addition to drinking chamomile and peppermint tea with a smidge of ginger and honey, you can also rely on more powerful herbal extracts such as spirulina and wheat grass found in Revital cheap supplements and other natural immune boosters. There are various natural supplements that rely on the power of these and similar herbs to help you step up your resilience game, especially in these cold-ridden months.

Remedies for aches and pains

#Reclaim Your Health With the Power of Nature | ecogreenlove

People who suffer from various chronic illnesses know very well the value of finding relief in natural remedies that will not overburden your body with chemicals and toxins. But even some common issues, such as menstrual cramps, can be diminished with the help of the right herbs. According to preliminary research, ginger and ibuprofen were shown to be equally effective in treating menstrual pain.

If you’re suffering from psoriasis, eczema or similar irritations, then a gentle oatmeal bath can have a calming effect on your itchy skin, and ladies have known for ages that cucumber slices are a handy tool in calming the puffy-eye effect. You can also resort to prunes if you’re suffering from constipation, while tea made of senna is a well-known potent laxative.

Surround yourself with nature

#Reclaim Your Health With the Power of Nature | ecogreenlove

Whenever possible, grab your camping gear and go hiking, biking or meditating in your nearest nature-dominated environment. You can even bring your fitness routine outdoors, which will help you double the benefits of spending your time outside. Fill your lungs with fresh air, detox your body by breaking a sweat, boost your mood, improve your cognitive ability, and reduce inflammation which will help your immune system stay on top of its game.

Unfortunately, not all of us have instant access to a forest or a lush park where we can spend at least an hour a day strolling around, immersed in nature and far away from pollution of urban life. And while weekend getaways to a mountain retreat and exploring your nearby natural reserves are always the best option, you can also introduce greenery in your home – plants are known to lower stress, purify air and have a soothing effect on your mind.

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It is Health, the real Wealth

It is Health, the real Wealth! | ecogreenlove

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