Women creating Awareness about Sustainability: @sustainabilitating

Women creating Awareness about Sustainability: Paola @sustainabilitating | ecogreenlove

This series leading to International Women’s Day (March 8th) it’s a space where every day I would like to recommend women –who I personally follow and admire– that create awareness about sustainability from different corners of the world.

Today I would like to highlight Paola | @sustainabilitating:

Women creating Awareness about Sustainability: Paola @sustainabilitating | ecogreenlove

«Born and raised in Croatia but currently living in Italy where I’m studying foreign languages and cultural tourism.

I started my page towards the end of January 2021, over 2 years ago. I had my initial “environmental enlightenment” towards the end of 2019 after I found out about the grave consequences of fast fashion and humanity’s appetite for meat, so I decided to start a page where I would track and share my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. But what at first was just sharing simple eco-swaps and everyday habits, soon became a place where I talk about socio-environmental justice and present the future environmental challenges through a humanist lens, thus bringing together my passion for saving the environment with my academic background.

Why sustainabilitating?

«It’s a blend of the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘abilitating’. My main goal is to share how we can incorporate sustainable living into our lives both from an individual and a collective viewpoint. I want to share the tools and the knowledge to make the most conscious and sustainable choices for our future. The continuous form of the verb I made up also conveys the idea to keep doing our best to live life in the most sustainable way possible according to our abilities, regardless of any hiccups along the way. It’s a process the whole world will have to go through, after all.»

Find Paola on:

Be Eco: Join the Green and Share the Love! | ecogreenlove
Ko-fi Tip | ecogreenlove

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