Women creating Awareness about Sustainability: @nachthaltig

Women creating Awareness about Sustainability: Simone @nachthaltig | ecogreenlove

This series leading to International Women’s Day (March 8th) it’s a space where every day I would like to recommend women –who I personally follow and admire– that create awareness about sustainability from different corners of the world.

Today I would like to highlight Simone | @nachthaltig:

«Hi, it’s Simone from Nachthaltig.
Nachthaltig it’s a neologism from the German words for Night (Nacht) and Sustainable (nachhaltig).

I’m a nightscape photographer and night-protector based in Austria. My goal here on social media and in real life is to get You back in touch with the night. Show its beauty and what threatens it. And that is, Light Pollution: The huge amount of artificial light we send into out nights and night skies.

I want to tell you about the serious consequences for all of us, and show you how easily, each and everyone of us can contribute to the solution.

For more information on the topic please visit the pages from the IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) and Paten der Nacht –an initiative in Austria and Germany against light pollution–.

And now, let’s make the night dark and earthy again together!»

Find Simone on:

Be Eco: Join the Green and Share the Love! | ecogreenlove
Ko-fi Tip | ecogreenlove

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