9 great ideas to save the planet

9 great ideas to save the planet | ecogreenlove

Positive steps we can take now

  1. ‘Take the money out of politics’
    – Naomi Klein (author)
  2. ‘Put out the sparks in cars and boats and buses’
    – Bill McKibben (environmentalist)
  3. ‘Make healthcare green’
    – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (director general of the World Health Organization)
  4. ‘Shift to reusables’
    – Nina Schrank (senior campaigner, Greenpeace UK)
  5. ‘Tax the wealthy properly’
    – Thomas Piketty and Lucas Chancel (economists)
  6. ‘Empower poor nations’
    – Sunita Narain (environmentalist)
  7. ‘Clean up public life’
    – Mike Berners-Lee (author)
  8. ‘Rewild the planet’
    – Rebecca Wrigley (chief executive of Rewilding Britain) and George Monbiot (author)
  9. ‘Give power back to the people’
    – Jacqueline Patterson (founder and executive director of the Chisholm Legacy Project)

As read on The Guardian 👇
📰 ‘Stop setting things on fire’: nine great ideas to save the planet | The Guardian (October 2022)

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