Tips for Being Sustainable in a Big City

Tips for Being Sustainable in a Big City | ecogreenlove

These days, more people are thinking about the condition of the world and how they can do their part to fight climate change and make our planet a better place. If you live in a city, then you see the major skyscrapers, the constant construction, and the incredible resources that are necessary for a large population, and you may think that you can’t also help the planet. However, the good news is that you can make a difference regardless of where you call home.

Today we will talk about the many ways that you can live a sustainable life as you commute, shop, and spend time at home. 

Sustainability While Moving About

While more people are working from home these days, there are still plenty of city folks who need to commute to their jobs day after day. Driving in congested traffic may eventually get you from point A to B, but driving also creates a lot of pollution, so you may be causing more harm than good. The good news is that there are many other ways to get around a city.

If your job is close enough, then consider riding your bike or walking. Both options will get you where you need to go without creating an ounce of pollution. Walking is also incredibly beneficial to your physical and mental health. In addition to burning calories, walking is great for heart health, which can help you to avoid serious ailments like heart disease. Walking is also good for your mind and can greatly reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

When you are traveling from place to place, you should also drink plenty of fluids so you can stay naturally energized and hydrated. Instead of buying beverages in disposable containers that eventually fill up landfills, consider purchasing a reusable water bottle. Many cities have refill stations where you can get the hydration you need without causing unnecessary waste.

Tips for Being Sustainable in a Big City • Sustainability While Moving About | ecogreenlove
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Reduce your Carbon Footprint at Home

Whether you live in a house or apartment, you can continue your sustainable actions without leaving home. There are many easy tactics that you can try, including switching out your incandescent bulbs with LED equivalents that use less energy, which helps the planet and your monthly utility bills.

You can take a similar tactic with your water usage. If you have the ability, consider replacing your showerhead and kitchen and bathroom faucets with low-flow alternatives. Doing so can greatly reduce your water waste, and you will get just as clean as you did with the more wasteful option. 

You can also reduce your carbon footprint by upgrading your appliances to energy-efficient alternatives. You can update almost any appliance in your home, and they will waste less water and use less electricity while saving you money in the process. Yes, energy-efficient appliances may cost more upfront, but they will last longer and save you money in the long run.

Another idea is to set up a home composting area, which will help you to create healthy, nutrient-filled soil that you can use to help your plants and flowers thrive. Composting helps the environment because it allows you to sustainably discard vegetable peelings, fruit waste, tea bags, and more, so they aren’t thrown away and wasted. The great thing about composting is that it doesn’t require a lot of space, so if you rent an apartment, you can do so on your balcony.

Sustainable Shopping

Finally, you can make a major impact on the planet while living in a big city by being smart about how you shop. For starters, try to make it a point to shop and eat food that is either grown locally or manufactured within the city. If you don’t, then you require trucks to drive through that congested traffic to deliver the food from across the country, and it can be an incredible waste. 

In addition to researching local companies, you should also take a closer look at the businesses you frequent to ensure that they practice sustainable processes. By shopping at eco-friendly stores, you can have confidence that you are practicing what you preach. Of course, when you go into local markets, make sure to bring your reusable fabric bag that you can use time and time again.

Tips for Being Sustainable in a Big City • Sustainable Shopping | ecogreenlove
Image: Unsplash

Also, consider the necessity of buying brand-new items when you may be able to purchase similar second-hand items from thrift stores. When you continue to buy new clothes, you require the fashion industry to continue to manufacture products, and the factories that produce those items emit pollution into the air and create tons of waste. If you want to reduce pollution, then consider buying second-hand. You will get the same great products for a fraction of the cost.

There are many ways you can live an eco-friendly life, even when you live in a city. Consider the tips mentioned here, and you can make a difference in the world.

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