The Eco-Adventure Time: How Experiencing the Outdoors benefits the Environment and your Wellbeing

People are predominantly visual beings. We rely heavily on what we see to form our opinions and grasp the world that surrounds us. It is an important evolutionary tool, but it has been a double-edged sword. Hence we reach a particularly incendiary topic these days: climate change.

What you cannot see can’t harm you?

One of the leading reasons why a staggering number of individuals refuse to accept the forthcoming environmental changes is because in their eyes, climate change is an abstraction. It’s something they cannot see.

In an environment where the ubiquity of plastic in everyday items and offhand use of energy have made us desensitized to anything that happens beyond the confines of home, too many people toil away without truly thinking about the wider implications of tomorrow.

The Eco-Adventure Time: How Experiencing the Outdoors Benefits the Environment and your Wellbeing | ecogreenlove

You’ve almost certainly heard about this argument, and even though it might be infuriating and inconceivable, it, unfortunately, isn’t surprising.

Climate change is too disparate; there are too many factors that affect different parts of the globe in different ways. These individuals have not yet experienced a localized disaster that is visually easy to grasp and, more importantly, wholly unique for the concept of climate change. There were no sentient ‘freeze waves’ as presented in the film ‘Day After Tomorrow’.

The answer lies with the exposure to nature’s (sensitive) wonders

However, this human proclivity to appreciate arresting visuals also works in our favor. Should we decide to leave the comfort of our homes and venture into the great outdoors, the sheer wonder of beautiful landscapes can have a profound impact on our way of thinking. It can be a transformative experience that instills a newfound resolve to contribute to the preservation of the planet.

The Eco-Adventure Time: How Experiencing the Outdoors Benefits the Environment and your Wellbeing | ecogreenlove

This is why adventures for environmental conservation have become so popular. These are raw journeys across rugged topography, the very masterpieces of Mother Nature. In other words, while videos, films, and TV shows can spark interest, nothing compares to the real experience.

The great dissonance

The matter of dissonance between the modern human and nature adds fuel to the fire. We have become accustomed to luxuries.

Most people under the age of forty take many such luxuries for granted: anything from basic things such as homes with fully functional piping, potable water, and constant electricity, to the finer points of technology such as computers, smartphones, and the gift of the internet.

Technology has created a veil of separation – most notably from natural cycles that have dictated the life of humans for millennia. Consequently, this lack of appreciation has led to a twisted relationship with the earth we walk and its resources.

Nowadays, land is a strictly technical aspect to be exploited for what it’s worth. Food, textile, and oil industries are prime examples of how bad it gets. Turning slopes of the Amazon into soy farms and cattle ranches is also a very palpable example.

The Eco-Adventure Time: How Experiencing the Outdoors Benefits the Environment and your Wellbeing | ecogreenlove

But it doesn’t stop with the exploitation of land and soil. Keep in mind that some high-paying jobs include wildlife hunting, either for trophies or to aid the proliferation of other species that are an integral part of the food industry. This has large-scale implications on food chains and whole biomes.

This is exactly why adventures are necessary. Exposure to raw nature encourages travelers to rediscover their connections with the side of the world that has given life to humanity.

Getting in touch with nature might sound like one of those cliché expressions, but it has never been as important as it is today. It’s what breaks through the great dissonance and lifts the veil.

The economical boost and carbon footprint

It’s only reasonable to think about the economy, as it is an inescapable part of this narrative, too. What’s unreasonable is to ascribe only economic value to things that are more than that.

By going on an eco-friendly adventure, you are financially contributing to the communities that live off the land in a way that is more harmoniously interwoven with nature.

These might be instructors of scuba diving, kayaking, mountain climbing, or people who are involved with safaris, selling organic edibles, and farming consciously. Your trips directly affect the livelihood of people that have made it their mission to bring people and nature together again.

Use your feet

You don’t have to go through extra hassles to travel more responsibly and reduce your carbon footprint. For example, you can rent a bike once you reach your base destination and use it to travel across the region.

The Eco-Adventure Time: How Experiencing the Outdoors Benefits the Environment and your Wellbeing | ecogreenlove

This is especially convenient when you’re visiting closely-knit regions that are well connected, like islands and lagoons. If you’re ready to tackle topographical marvels such as vast mountain ranges or expansive national parks, go on a guided hiking tour and bring all the necessary equipment. If you’re an avid camper, traveling with a lot of rest-stops can be a dream come true.

Urban farming

Green thinking is catching on, slowly but surely. One of the promising endeavors that have taken root in urban areas has become known as urban farming.

The idea is fairly simple: communities either rent or buy-off vacant lots in the heavily urbanized areas and use the square footage to create makeshift, urban farms. Among other things, these areas serve as an excellent teaching environment to inaugurate people into the farming process.

It’s a fantastic way for all lifelong city-dwellers to learn about the ways of our ancestors, and all it takes is a walk down the street to a nearby urban farm. You’ll get a chance to learn about sensible gardening, seeding, planting, taking out weeds, farming products, etc.

The Eco-Adventure Time: How Experiencing the Outdoors Benefits the Environment and your Wellbeing | ecogreenlove


Your experience with the great outdoors makes a difference. The more time you spend surrounded by natural splendor, the more ready you will be to share your sentiments and encourage other people to savor what might be lost.

Even if you have friends that are a bit skeptical about the possibility of stark changes, getting in touch with nature establishes newfound respect for the carefully balanced cycles of flora and fauna. Taking a hard but necessary look at ravaged regions can change opinions, but hardly anything wins hearts and minds like a landscape that takes your breath away.

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The Eco-Adventure Time: How Experiencing the Outdoors benefits the Environment and your Wellbeing | ecogreenlove

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