Healthy Living Solutions for Anxiety in Adults

Healthy Living Solutions for Anxiety in Adults | ecogreenlove

Developing healthy habits at a young age is important in order to maintain your physical and mental health as an adult; after all, healthy habits create happy bodies. But adulting is hard and many responsibilities and life circumstances get in the way of healthy routines, causing unwanted anxiety and stress. Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States alone, causing people to suffer from symptoms like uneasiness, sweating, heart palpitations, and more.

Many people turn to medication as a treatment to combat these unwanted symptoms and anxious feelings, but this doesn’t have to be the only answer. We’ve provided you with useful self-care tips and healthy solutions below to help you stay on track with your healthy living routine and rid your anxiety!


Healthy Living Solutions for Anxiety in Adults | ecogreenlove

Adopting a regular fitness routine will help you meet required guidelines for your physical health, but will also boost your mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and promote feelings of calmness. Exercise also serves as a healthy distraction to anxious thoughts and allows you to focus your energy on positive vibes that relieve symptoms of anxiety.

There are many resources available that are helpful with creating and sticking to a fitness and nutrition routine like the Nike+ Training Club app. This app takes out the guesswork and provides you with 100 plus workouts with guidance from experts so you can hit the ground running and feel good about your routine. Another option to hold yourself accountable in the gym is recruiting a workout buddy. Having someone to workout with is more fun, helps you achieve your goals, and the constant support is motivating, which will make you want to continue working out daily to reduce anxiety and stress.


Healthy Living Solutions for Anxiety in Adults | ecogreenlove

Meditation is an excellent, natural healthy solution to fight anxiety. When we meditate, we are teaching ourselves to pay attention, and are slowing down the world around us. Meditation offers a solution for relieving stress and provides relaxation to those suffering from negative anxiety symptoms. When you practice meditating, you reduce tension and release anxious feelings and negative thoughts. Your stress will lessen when you practice meditating, and the best part is you don’t have to be a professional for it to work!

If you are new to meditation and are unsure where to begin, try out the Buddhify app. This app provides guided meditation for sleeping, waking, work breaks, and more, and will be your go-to app for achieving healthy mindfulness and relieving anxiety no matter where you are.

Health App Therapy

Healthy Living Solutions for Anxiety in Adults | ecogreenlove

Mental health apps have made therapy more accessible and convenient, which is a huge win for those who suffer from anxiety. Basically, these mental health apps act as a portable therapist and provide an on-the-go therapy experience for people who cannot find time to schedule an appointment to visit a doctor. Another benefit of mobile health apps is they sometimes cost less than traditional therapy.

Without leaving the office, classroom, or comfort of your own home, apps like Talkspace provide a safe digital space to discuss your anxiety and other issues with a licensed therapist. Getting help from a traditional therapist or a digital therapist is a great option to face your anxiety head on and live a healthier, more positive lifestyle no matter where you are.

Proper Attire

Healthy Living Solutions for Anxiety in Adults | ecogreenlove

Nervous pressure and anxiety will often cause our physical behaviors to feel slightly glitched. But sometimes fighting anxiety and the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany it are as simple as making sure you are equipped with the best attire. Whether you are gearing up for a big pitch or trying to find the best interview outfit to combat sweating or tense muscles, it’s important to dress strategically.

Brands like Tommy John have led the pack when it comes to creating comfortable underwear and undershirts for men and women. No one wants to sit in a meeting room for hours stressing over increased perspiration and odor caused by anxiety, and Tommy John’s functional boxer briefs, underwear, and undershirts provide a great solution to this with their moisture-wicking base layers. You want to feel your best during stressful times so you’ll want the best undergarments to make any uncomfortable situation more comfortable.

Healthy Living Solutions for Anxiety in Adults | ecogreenlove
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