15 Ideas to Upcycle empty Tealight cups

15 Ideas to Upcycle empty Tealight cups | ecogreenlove

Wintertime and tealights for us go hand in hand 🕯️ Let’s extend their life by repurposing them! 💚 Here are some ideas:

If it’s possible, reuse them by pouring leftover wax candles or making your own mix with beeswax.

ℹ️ To repurpose them, make sure to remove the wax. You can do so by placing the cups in the freezer to make it easy to remove or you can put them in hot water while stirring them with a wooden stick, then take them out and wipe them with an old tea towel. Let the water cool down and remove the leftover wax (now solidified on the surface) and reuse it or dispose of it but ⚠️ don’t pour it down the drain!

Make tiny succulent pots, you can add wire or strips from other tin cups to form a crown or hang them.


  • a heart-shaped garland or wreath
  • form roses and cut leaf-shapes attached to sticks
  • cut in star-shapes and prick decorate them to hang them
  • Flatten and fold in leaf shapes, glue them to for a lotus tealight holder


  • take the wick metal plate and thread them with beads to make a wind chime
  • if you have different sizes of tealight cups, you can cut their centre and form a bunny to hang it for the easter season


  • make a pendant by cutting in star-shape and glueing a round cardboard wrapped in a nice pattern fabric in the centre
  • make earrings by attaching 3 cups folded and wired together forming a flower and adding beads at the bottom


Perfect for when you have collected several cups

  • glue a mandala wall art by mixing folded and unfolded cups
  • or you can make flowers and cut leaves


  • mini cookie cutters
  • garland
  • christmas tree ornaments
  • wind chimes
  • gift tags
  • fairy lights reflectors
  • pin cushion
  • homemade soap form


  • Floating lights with wine corks, cotton thread and vegetable oil
  • Candles made from vegetable stearin and recycled oil
  • Beeswax candles
  • DIY scented vegetable oil candles in with screw-top glass jars

Do you have other ideas? Please leave them in a comment. Thank you for passing by! 💚

15 Ideas to Upcycle empty Tealight cups • Mini garden | ecogreenlove
💚 Crown plant pot by kleefalter
💚 Tiinker succulent mini garden by zaubereinlaecheln
💚 Succulent offspring pot by dramaqueenartwork
15 Ideas to Upcycle empty Tealight cups • Home deco | ecogreenlove
💚 Hearts garland or wreath by orkideaatelier
💚 Roses by Birgit Martha on frag-mutti
💚 Hanging stars by meinegruenewiese
💚 Lotus holder by Kamila on artmama
15 Ideas to Upcycle empty Tealight cups • Outdoor deco | ecogreenlove
💚 Hanging wick metal plate (from aluminium tealight cups) & pearls by holunderbluetchen + Liightcatcher from cups by handmadekultur
💚 Easter hanging bunny by holunderbluetchen
15 Ideas to Upcycle empty Tealight cups • Jewellery | ecogreenlove
💚 Pendant inspired by herkkujakoukku
💚 Earrings inspired by holunderbluetchen
15 Ideas to Upcycle empty Tealight cups • Wall art deco | ecogreenlove
💚 Mandala by Gabriele Chomrak from the book Heimwerk
💚 Leaves & Flowers by wesens-art
15 Ideas to Upcycle empty Tealight cups • Other uses + ecofriendly alternatives | ecogreenlove
💚 Mini cookie cutters by barbarab2 on kochbar
💚 Tips & ecofriendly alternatives to paraffin tealight candles (in German) by smarticular

Cutting instructions for different shapes

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