Reusing candle wax

“Candles are wonderful at setting the mood of a room, but once the candle burns down to the bottom it can be unsightly and hard to remove from the container. Some candle containers are so delightful, so it is nice to reuse them.  Candles can also be messy and wax is difficult to remove if the candle spills over (…) Once you have used up most of your favourite candle with a scent but there is still too much left to throw away, purchase tea light molds and tea light wicks. Melt the remaining wax and pour into the tea light moulds. You won’t waste your original candle and you will still get to still enjoy your favourite fragrance.”

Following are some ideas to reuse the leftover candle wax to make new ones. Click on the images to go to the original source and tutorial.

Before that, wouldn’t be amazing if british artist Benjamin Shine would already release this reusable candle? He is talking with several reputable brands who have expressed interest in developing it further, so news of any progress will be updated on his website. Please note, Rekindle is not currently available, yet.

Rekindle prototype by Benjamin Shine

In order to reuse the candle wax, the first step is to remove it from its original jar or container. Here are some ways to do that:

NOTE: Whenever working with heat, glass and wax, always take precautions to handle with care and to avoid overheating the glass.
Pour boiling water into the jar. The wax will melt and float to the top. Leave the jar for a few hours, and when you come back the water will have cooled and the solid wax will be floating on top.
Another method for removing wax is to put the candle in the freezer. Frozen wax can be chipped out a lot easier than room-temperature wax. I found this method to be very effective. There were a few remnants of wax left inside the jar, so I decided to try the boiling water method to get the last bits off.

Now getting to the inspiration:

How to Make Coffee Candles
Reuse your candles and make new Scentsy cubes
Recycled Wax Fire Starters
Melting Candles To Reuse – Candle Recycling Into New Candle

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