Fast Fashion: Drowning in Clothes [Video]

Fast Fashion: Drowning in Clothes [Video] | ecogreenlove

Many of us have grown accustomed to getting what we want, when we want, and the clothes we wear are no exception – the latest fashions are usually easily accessible and readily available in the developed world, for the right price.

Video by NeoMam Studios

8 Small Changes we can make Today

As impressive and imposing as each of these landmarks may be, the sheer volume of clothing that we currently burn or throw away dwarfs them by comparison. But it doesn’t have to be this way, there is growing pressure on some of the most popular high street shops to seriously evaluate their sustainability and make changes.

We can’t just rely on the big retailers to solve the problem, we also have our part to play. By making some simple changes in our own lives, we can help prevent this grim future:

  1. Donate to charity
  2. Shop second hand
  3. Buy high quality clothing
  4. Choose environmentally friendly fabrics
  5. Look for opportunities to upcycle
  6. Recycle whenever you can
  7. Identify items with potential for reselling
  8. Rehouse clothes with a little help from your friends

These tips will allow all of us to play our part in reducing the ocean of wasted clothes that are created every year. Actions like these are vital, because unless we become more deliberate with our choices, we may someday find ourselves literally drowning in clothes.

NeoMam Studios

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