The Best Edible Plants you can Grow in your Kitchen

The Best Edible Plants you can Grow in your Kitchen | ecogreenlove

Gardening doesn’t always have to involve a backyard. Before you feel like throwing your love of gardening aside for a different hobby, check out the best edible plants you can grow in your kitchen. They don’t require much experience or space, so they’re great options for indoor gardeners.

See if any of these year-round plants interest you. They’ll save you a trip to the grocery store and result in organic food for every meal.

1. Kale

Salad aficionados made kale a popular leafy vegetable over the last decade. They have more nutritional value than a head of iceberg lettuce, but you don’t need to pay for expensive bags of kale at the cash register.

Grow this plant in your kitchen using seedling trays or flower pots. It only takes a little bit of time to water them regularly while the leaves grow to maturity. Plus, kale is a shade-tolerant plant, which means it works well for indoor growing.

The Best Edible Plants you can Grow in your Kitchen | ecogreenlove

2. Basil

You’ll likely enjoy adding basil to your meals, if you don’t already. It adds flavor to pasta and seafood dishes, especially when grown at home without chemical fertilizers.

Basil is also a great starter herb because it can grow from stem cuttings, making it easy to share and propagate over time. Allow this plant to thrive in well-drained soil for constant access to one of the world’s most commonly used herbs.

3. Carrots

People think root vegetables need a yard, but that’s not always true. Carrots do well indoors when they grow in a deep planter that contains at least 12 inches of soil. Place them in full sun, and you’ll have bright orange carrots to snack on in about three months.

The Best Edible Plants you can Grow in your Kitchen | ecogreenlove

4. Mint

Brew homegrown mint tea or mix it into ice cream after growing it in your kitchen. It’s simple to care for and doesn’t take long to grow, especially if you move it between full sunlight and partial shade.

Grow mint in a sunroom or bright kitchen for more consistent exposure. If you live in a darker space, join them for a bit on your balcony or in a chair by a window. Direct natural light provides many health benefits while improving your immune system and giving you more energy. You’ll become stronger and healthier alongside your indoor garden.

5. Peas

Whether you want to grow sugar snap peas or English peas, it’s all possible within your home. Peas are some of the best edible plants you can grow in your kitchen because they require little space. Use a 4-to-6-inch pot and place it in full sun to harvest this vegetable year-round. When you don’t feel like eating them, they maintain their quality when washed and placed in the freezer.

6. Parsley

One packet of parsley seeds results in an endless supply of this delicious herb. Moist soil encourages sprouting, even in small planters. Parsley can grow 1 to 2 feet tall, so make sure you place your planter where there’s plenty of vertical space. A windowsill or open countertop is the perfect home for a pot full of parsley.

The Best Edible Plants you can Grow in your Kitchen | ecogreenlove

7. Lettuce

Lettuce is another easy indoor vegetable. As long as the soil remains moist, lettuce seeds will flourish. Find a seed packet to start your garden or grow lettuce from old stems and save a bit more money. Either way, you should only have to wait between six to eight weeks before the lettuce is ready to make delectable salads and wraps.

8. Lavender

If you want to grow something edible that’s also pretty, look no further than lavender. This herb has a pleasant aroma while it grows and works in numerous recipes for meals, desserts, and drinks. Water your lavender buds only when the soil dries out and watch them thrive in the comfort of your home.

The Best Edible Plants you can Grow in your Kitchen | ecogreenlove

These are some of the best edible plants you can grow in your kitchen, so try them out at home! Even the newest gardener can succeed because these vegetables and herbs love indoor environments. Grow something new and expand your skills — no yard required.

Author Bio:
Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated. She writes about gardening and green home improvement for homeowners and renters who want to embrace eco-friendly living.

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