The Anatomy of Earth-Sheltered Homes [Visual]

The Anatomy of Earth-Sheltered Homes [Visual] | ecogreenlove

Homeowners today have many more options available to them than ever before. Due to a combination of new construction technology and advanced architectural designs, coupled with a new passion for eco-friendly living, homeowners across the country have the option of living comfortably and sustainably without sacrificing anything.

One such method of eco-friendly living is through the construction of earth-sheltered homes. These homes offer many benefits that a typical and modern house may not. For example, as they naturally incorporate the earth into their design, they are already more eco-friendly. Likewise, these types of homes can be implemented almost anywhere, including urban areas.

BigRentz compiled an easy-to-read list of the different types of earth-sheltered homes and their unique benefits. Check it out and learn about their benefits, such as the incorporation of local fauna and flora:

The Anatomy of Earth-Sheltered Homes [Visual] | ecogreenlove
Visual by BigRentz
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