How different States’ Commutes affect our Climate (USA) [Infographic]

How different States' Commutes affect our Climate (USA) [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

It’s no secret carpooling is good for the environment, but in major cities where life moves quickly, it’s not always possible. People keep different schedules, work on opposite sides of town, or simply prefer to commute alone. The emerging popularity of electric vehicles has helped to alleviate the burden of vehicular carbon dioxide emissions, but are people making the shift to lower their carbon footprint when they can’t carpool?

The states in which commuters most commonly drive alone to work are some of the states with the fewest electric vehicles. This combination leads to a substantial carbon footprint. Below is a breakdown of the states creating the biggest impacts — both positive and negative — on the environment.

With gas-powered cars and trucks accounting for one-fifth of America’s total carbon dioxide emissions, a small change, such as driving with a coworker, working remotely more often, or switching to a hybrid or electric vehicle, can contribute to a major change! Read on to see where each state stands.

How different States' Commutes affect our Climate (USA) [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
Visual by The Zebra
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