Create a Minimalistic Eco-Friendly Garden

Create a Minimalistic Eco-Friendly Garden | ecogreenlove

Many believe that gardening is eco-friendly by default. However, there are many things you can do to turn your garden into a more environmentally conscious space. This will not only be healthier for the environment but also you and your family will have an unpolluted space to spend your time.

One of the ways to create a truly relaxing space is to combine minimalistic design with eco-friendly principle. That way you will be able to have a garden that is pleasing to the mind and body at the same time. In order to create the minimalistic eco-friendly garden you will need to rediscover your space and here are some ideas on how to do that.

1. Say yes to recycled materials

Recycled materials are present everywhere and you can easily use them to build certain features in your garden or made into furniture. Wood is a great material to start from since it will really add to the organic atmosphere while at the same time accentuating the eco-friendliness of space. Use it to create a simple pathway through your garden and a comfortable deck among your plants for a seating area.

There are numerous furniture pieces made from recycled plastic which will bring sophisticated simplicity to the smallest of gardens. This eco-friendly furniture various in styles so you can create a focal point with them thanks to various shapes and designs. Some designers go as far as to combine reclaimed wood with recycled plastic giving this material a more organic exposure.

Create a Minimalistic Eco-Friendly Garden | ecogreenlove

2. Add a calming water feature to your garden

Water is the essence of life and as such has a calming effect which can turn your garden into a relaxing sanctuary. Eco-friendly water features are more and more present in the design and have become some of the important elements of landscaping. While pools can take a big toll on the environment, recycled rainwater ponds are sustainable solutions that will go well with nature in your garden.

Create a Minimalistic Eco-Friendly Garden | ecogreenlove

3. Decorate with natural materials

Stone and grass are the number one decorative materials in all gardens which can give you a minimalist eco-friendly space and an aesthetically pleasing look. Plant climate specific grasses which are actually varieties that are native to your place of living. For more modern design, use rocks and pebbles in certain areas when designing your landscape.

Use both materials to achieve more geometrical shapes and clean lines in order to better organize the space in minimalist features. Stone tiles are ideal for sophisticated flooring for a seating area or as walkways on grass surfaces.

Create a Minimalistic Eco-Friendly Garden | ecogreenlove

4. Build an oasis for your seating area

Nature is the number one calming ingredient for a stress-free life and modern homes have been introducing it more and more into the interior and exterior design. A seating area in your garden is a perfect place to embrace nature and its relaxing features. Minimalistic garden ideas are simple and elegant solutions perfect for people with little time who still want to enjoy lavish greenery by their house.

Evergreens are perfect to build a hedge and give your seating area some privacy throughout the year especially if you erect a roof and install outdoor blinds for extra shade. Create clean lines to free the clutter from your space and combine neutral colors with green shades of your vegetation. Choose one bold color to create a more expressional space like a flower bush, or a bowl on the coffee table.

Create a Minimalistic Eco-Friendly Garden | ecogreenlove

5. Grow your own food

More and more homeowners decide to grow their own food in their city gardens in order to be in better control of their diet and help protect the environment. You can easily grow veggies, fruits, herbs, and berries in your garden and thus help decrease emissions from transportation and refrigeration of food delivery systems. Certain vegetables are really easy to grow like kale, lettuce, green beans, and spinach so you should start with them just to get used to the process and learn some eco-friendly basics.

In order to keep your vegetable garden organize, you should respect some minimalist principles and that is to bring order to space. Designate an ideal area for vegetables depending on the sun and build planters with recycled wood to around one and a half feet high. This way you will keep vegetables separated from the rest of your garden and be able to tend to them more easily.

Create a Minimalistic Eco-Friendly Garden | ecogreenlove


The minimalist eco-friendly garden is a highly beneficial concept that will improve your outdoor space aesthetically and environmentally. Just start from the idea that less is more and slowly start building your space from there and you will create a space that benefits both you and the planet.

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Create a Minimalistic Eco-Friendly Garden | ecogreenlove
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