Benefits of Organic Bamboo Clothing

Benefits of Organic Bamboo Clothing | ecogreenlove

By now, you’ve heard of cotton, organic and regular, hemp, linen, silk, wool, and cashmere, all natural fabrics that are exceptionally popular in the fashion industry, especially in the recent years. The health and fitness revolution have not only had an impact on how we do our grocery shopping and choose our gyms, but also on how we dress ourselves. To be more specific, the fashion world has started to change towards a more sustainable, durable realm, and the use of materials that fit that description are a significant part of the movement.

One especially healthy fabric, which has gained so much popularity lately, is organic bamboo, and while it may sound like an unexpected source, it represents one of the cleanest, healthiest fabrics for our clothes. If you’re still confused by the idea, let’s take a look at several key benefits of using it in producing clothes, which will change how you perceive fashion, as well as the industry itself.

Know your bamboo

Much like with any other raw material used in the production of clothing, even cotton or hemp, bamboo can change its primary qualities and features after the extensive processing it goes through during the creation of the fabric. With that in mind, bamboo may be a sustainable source excellent for producing highly eco-friendly garments, but the final product’s features will depend on the processing of the raw plant.

For example, bamboo rayon is a widely-used fabric, but the vast majority of rayon is made using toxic chemicals and dyes that make it a far less eco-friendly alternative to any other textile out there. Bamboo Lyocell is made using toxin-free solvents and processes, making it a more sustainable option, while bamboo linen may not be so soft to the touch, but it’s also a highly green variety of the fabric. In essence, just the raw material of bamboo doesn’t make the final fabric or the brand using it eco-friendly.

That is why you need to be on the lookout for fully certified brands that use only truly sustainable fabrics as well as processes to make their garments.

Protective of your skin

Bamboo is such a versatile fabric, that it can easily be used in the production of many different pieces of clothing. From underwear, regular t-shirts, all the way to leggings, bamboo makes for a perfect choice for everyday wear especially due to its ability to protect your skin from the many uncomfortable environmental issues.

For example, bamboo naturally provides a certain level of UV protection, while it also has antibacterial properties, thus making it a perfect choice for those long runs in the sun as well as other outdoor workouts that will cause you to sweat profusely. Another quality, which makes it very healthy for regular use, is its ability to absorb and wick sweat very quickly, thus letting your skin breathe and stay dry.

Sustainable to grow

On a different note, bamboo is not just a great choice for us as consumers and fashion lovers, but also for the environment itself. It requires very little water and no pesticides to grow in ample amounts, as it can survive solely on rainfall, which makes it an excellent way to reduce water waste in the fashion industry. Since it’s a very sturdy plant, it’s also very low-maintenance to grow and produce without overburdening our planet.

Much like other plants, bamboo cleans our air and water of pollutants, which, combined with its hardy nature, makes it a true multitasker among plants: it’s not only excellent for your skin, but it also makes our land and our air cleaner in the process, without asking too much care in return.

Benefits of Organic Bamboo Clothing | ecogreenlove

Perfect for sensitive skin

If you pair its antibacterial qualities with its built-in ability to keep your skin dry and keep the sweat at bay, you get an ideal combo for all skin types, and especially for those who have some skin sensitivities. Even if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or any other type of inflammation that makes your skin itchy, dry, and irritated, you can wear organic bamboo clothing, including underwear, to soothe your lovely skin.

Preventing bacterial infections and protecting from sun’s radiation are essential in reducing the many symptoms of irritated skin. If the clothes are produced without using any toxic ingredients and the other parts of the production cycle are skin-safe, you get a perfect recipe for stylish garments that your skin will adore.

Long-lasting, yet soft

Much like the very plant of bamboo, the actual clothes made from it retain its level of durability. Brands that use organic bamboo and similar materials to create their garments, consequently allow for timeless pieces to emerge and to eradicate fast fashion once and for all, one carefully-made piece at a time. Any bamboo garment will out-last a typical fast fashion item, and the fact that it’s completely biodegradable only adds to its inherent value as a fabric for modern brands.

Its durability, however, doesn’t affect its wear-ability, so to speak, since the silky-soft fabric remains incredibly supple over years of use. No matter what piece of clothing made of organic bamboo you choose to wear, it will feel lightweight and delicate against your skin without ever overburdening your pores with sweat.

Ensures thermal regulation

On a final note, organically-grown bamboo has an incredible ability to help your body maintain its optimal temperature. This is ideal for kids and newborn babies as well, since your little bundle of joy will only later develop this ability to regulate its body temperature.

Such high level of insulation lets bamboo garments keep you comfortably cool during summer, while they give you a powerful layer of warmth in colder months of the year without feeling heavy. The bottom line is that this simple, low-maintenance plant is a perfect solution for many of our fashionable conundrums as it keeps both our skin and our planet safe.

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  1. Unfortunately bamboo rayon is not biodegradable and is contributing to the problem of microfibres in the ocean. Plus the creation of bamboo fibre involves toxic chemicals which have to be disposed of unless it uses a closed loop system as is the case with trademarked Lyocell and some bamboo farms have been created by felling native forests in Asia. The only certified sustainably grown organic bamboo I’ve found on the market is from the underwear brand Boody. Do you know of others?

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