How to guide the generation of today to ensure a sustainable environment?

How to guide the generation of today to ensure a sustainable environment? | ecogreenlove

The population is growing at an unexpected rate, and if we don’t keep a check on it now, we might lose many useful resources soon. Be it renewable resources or non-renewable resources; conserving them is essential to keep the environment stable.

How to guide the generation of today to ensure a sustainable environment? | ecogreenlove

Conservation of resources does not mean that one should stop using them altogether; instead, it means not to waste it. We waste a lot of our resources every day which can be controlled easily by realising what we are doing. If we desire to have any positive impact around the world in this regard, then tapping into the minds of the new generation is the correct path to do so because our time has passed while their behaviours can still be modified and moulded in a way where they ensure environment conservation.

The younger generation needs to be taught about the benefits of environmental conservation and the hazardous effects of environmental damage. If they understand the importance of these facts, then they will themselves work towards ensuring the former and reducing the latter. They are the ones who can learn technology quickly and use it to invent products and services that use fewer resources and offer more outputs. However, to achieve these results, we need to change their lifestyle approach, i.e. behaviour, habits and beliefs, and guide them towards creating a sustainable environment for themselves and the generations to come.

Green-friendly Lifestyle Approach

How to guide the generation of today to ensure a sustainable environment? | ecogreenlove

The following are three important lifestyle choices that can help in achieving what is mentioned above:


Minimalism is a lifestyle approach in which a person believes in owning few material possessions to reduce their unnecessary consumption of resources and waste production. The definition in itself describes how it can help in sustaining the environment, but how can we make sure that everyone believes in this approach? Showing off one’s possession to another, to make them jealous or prove yourself as a superior is a primary reason why the world is wasting valuable resources.

We, as adults, need to make the new generation, youth and children, understand about the appealing factors of minimalism, like fewer expenses, cleaner surroundings and the fact that they will always be able to afford what they need, which will provide them with a feeling of contentment; something that many so desperately want.

Reward efforts

The best approach to attract the youth towards environment conservation is to reward their efforts. Yes, you heard it right! Apart from motivation and inspiration, the younger generation needs approval and appreciation of their efforts, so if you see your kids doing something for the environment, reward them with a few pounds or a toy of their choice. This will motivate them towards doing the same thing again and again until it becomes a habit.

If their mind is subconsciously inclined toward saving the environment, then most of your work is already done because they consist of a considerable part of the population and they can make a change more quickly than you can imagine.

Green is the new cool

The new generation follows the path of ‘being cool’, i.e. they want everyone else to perceive their efforts as something which can put them under the category of ‘cool’. If you want them to make efforts in saving the environment, then you have to make sure that ‘green’ is the new ‘cool’.

You need to make them feel and believe that if their actions can save the environment, then their value will be increased in the eyes of everyone else. Activities as simple as throwing the garbage in the right bins (green, plastic and e-waste), switching off lights and thermostats before leaving their room, preferring public transport to commute to different places and other similar practices.

These do not seem hard, right? They aren’t. You just need to convince your loved ones of the same, and you will notice a notable change around the world soon.

Make them understand; Don’t shout at them

How to guide the generation of today to ensure a sustainable environment? | ecogreenlove

Being strict with your kids is vital to make sure that they don’t walk on the wrong path, but shouting at them every time they make a mistake, instead of making them understand, will only make matters worse because their inexperienced minds will not realise their mistakes; rather, be afraid of you.

If this happens, then they will build a barrier between you and themselves to avoid future scoldings. Similarly, if you are shouting at them to keep the unused lights off or when they don’t throw the garbage in the right bin, then you are just pushing them away. However, if you can make them understand why they should do it and reward them if they do it regularly, then they will make sure it becomes an everyday practice.

Lowering waste generation & resource consumption and disposing of waste correctly will help in keeping the environment safe and clean. Preventing the occurrence of deadly diseases and situations is essential.

Author Bio:
Jessica Duddon works as the marketing leader for AWA Refiners, the UK’s leading company in computer board recycling.

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  1. I do think that kids are the future of the sustainable movement and by educating them now about the issues and how to make things better, as well as supporting them being innovative could help shift the change. Great post!

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