6 Eco-Friendly Parenting tips to raise an Eco Baby

6 Eco-Friendly Parenting tips to raise an Eco Baby | ecogreenlove

Babies and sponges have one thing in common. Do you know what that is? The fact that they both absorb everything! So how about transforming your current way of things into an eco-friendly lifestyle? You can start right here with these 6 easy eco-friendly parenting tips to raise an eco baby.

#1 Upcycle Toys

6 Eco-Friendly Parenting tips to raise an Eco Baby | ecogreenlove
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Store-bought stuff for the baby’s entertainment soon starts to collect dust. So instead of buying a new one each time, you can choose to green up his/her playtime. Get creative and crafty to prepare DIY instruments.

Another great place for some playtime is nature. Your baby’s little hands simply love collecting. So you can give them a tiny little sack to collect twigs, leaves, and pinecones. And use these to create a beautiful collage and panorama once you get back home.

#2 Ditch the Car

6 Eco-Friendly Parenting tips to raise an Eco Baby | ecogreenlove
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When it’s time for that playdate, try walking to the place instead of using up gas. Every single time you choose to travel by foot, this is what you’re doing. You’re saving the environment from over 15 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Produced by just a gallon of gas!

At the same time, your baby learns not to be dependent on cars. And let’s not forget about the exercise and fresh air that come along with it.

Organic parenting also urges you to opt for bikes rather than cars. So with a baby, you can install a cargo trailer or special seat. But this method is advisable only after your kid turns one year old. Because that’s when his/her neck and head muscles are able to support the helmet weight.

#3 Cut Back on Bath Time

6 Eco-Friendly Parenting tips to raise an Eco Baby | ecogreenlove
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Is your baby covered in tomato sauce or spit-up? If not, then daily baths are not necessary. One tub of water uses up as much as 35 gallons. So imagine how much water you’ll be saving if you bathe your little creature 2-3 times every week. It can make a huge difference!

And if you have more than one kid, how do you like the idea of merging their baths? Children at that age run in close quarters anyway. So unless one has a major infection, it’s a brilliant idea to orchestrate joint baths.

Here’s how to give a baby a sponge bath:

#4 Setup a Recycling Station

6 Eco-Friendly Parenting tips to raise an Eco Baby | ecogreenlove
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Use bright-colored storage bins for sorting out paper, plastics, and metals. If you want to know how to go green with baby, this is it. Teaching children, at that age, about recycling such materials is the best eco-friendly move.

To make things better, babies can’t get enough of placing stuff into containers. So don’t be surprised if they complete the task without much help from you. And maybe even faster than you!

#5 Plant Greens Together

6 Eco-Friendly Parenting tips to raise an Eco Baby | ecogreenlove
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At preschool, it’s only common to find children growing seeds in a cup.

Be it your backyard or growing a tiny herb garden in your kitchen on the windowsill. Every little step goes a long way. And starting too soon doesn’t matter either. The goal is to teach your baby to care for and nurture living things.

You can start with herbs as they are the easiest to grow. Plus, they come in a variety of different flavors. Soon you’ll be opting for basil pasta instead of those store-bought mac-n-cheese options.

#6 Shop Secondhand

Here’s one of the best eco-friendly parenting tips to raise an eco baby.

Babies grow pretty fast with a natural ability to stain everything. This includes the brand new clothes you recently bought. Did you know that million tons of fabrics turn out in the trash each year?

So try shopping from any local consignment store. The toys and garments available in such shops don’t use additional resources. Plus, they’re only one-third the retail cost. Just make sure that you wash everything before using.

And once your baby outgrows the clothes and toys, it’s time to donate. And that’s another environmentally friendly parenting habit you’ll be incorporating into yours and your baby’s life.


Many parents with children are opting for the green life. So are you ready to jump on the bandwagon? You should be proud of yourself if you do!

Are there are any other eco-friendly tips that you would like to discuss here? Maybe there’s something you do that helps planet Earth be a better place. Would you mind sharing it with us? The comments section is created just for that. And for your honest feedback!

Thank you for reading. And I’m sure Earth thanks you for caring.

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  1. Love this! As a Nanny I know all too well how many toys and things we can buy for our children and then throw them out. Love the idea to teach children about the world and how we can care for it!

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