Keys to be Successful and Happy for a long-term [Visual]

Achievement rarely produces the sense of lasting happiness that you think it will. Once you finally accomplish the goal you’ve been chasing, two new goals tend to pop up unexpectedly.

We long for new achievements because we quickly habituate to what we’ve already accomplished. This habituation to success is as inevitable as it is frustrating, and it’s more powerful than you realize.

People who were both successful and happy over the long term intentionally structured their activities around four major needs:

Happiness • Achievement • Significance • Legacy

The behaviors that follow are the hallmarks of people who are successful and happy because they address these four needs. Try them out and see what they do for you.

Keys to be Successful and Happy for a long-term [Visual] | ecogreenlove
Visual by ecogreenlove

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<img class="wp-image-9972 size-full" title="Keys to be Successful and Happy for a long-term [Visual] | ecogreenlove" src="" alt="Keys to be Successful and Happy for a long-term [Visual] | ecogreenlove" width="760" height="760" /> Visual by <a href="">ecogreenlove</a>

Read more in detail:
This is what successful and happy people focus on” (Aug 2016)
by Travis Bradberry, President of TalentSmart

Success is not the key to Happiness,
Happiness is the key to Success 😉

It is Health, the real Wealth! | ecogreenlove

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