DIM: Upcycled Gym bag

DIM: Upcycled Gym bag | ecogreenlove

Since we have bought soil already many times for our plants and flowers, I had for a while now some of the sturdy plastic bags where the soil comes in and I was keeping them because I thought they could be great for a bag. This is my upcycling attempt from a soil bag to a drawstring gym bag:

Just for looks, I decided to turn it inside out so the black would be the visible side (I could have ironed it a little bit with parchment paper for the photo 😉 ). The width of the bag was perfect, I only cut about 20cm from the top so it wouldn’t be too deep.

I don’t have a sewing machine but the only thing I had to hand sew was the top to run the string through and it was easy with a not-so-thin nylon thread. Then I added the grommets at the bottom corners directly on the bag. I saw some sew extra fabric hoops to the corners to which they knot the string (Here is the video tutorial I followed).

DIM: Upcycled Gym bag | ecogreenlove

What I usually carried to the gym in winter was a .7L bottle, umbrella, body towel, face/hand towel, weightlifting gloves plus basic items in a separate purse inside of the bag. So as you can see, there was still plenty of space.

DIM: Upcycled Gym bag | ecogreenlove

I personally loved it, is quite strong and I can carry heavy items (the original bag was of 20L soil, so you can imagine). The only thing I would change is the string to a thicker one, but other than that is quite functional and now I not only use it as a gym bag but when I do a quick grocery shopping. It definitely has more space than what it seems and I can roll it so it doesn’t occupy too much space in my purse in case I need it 😉

What do you think? I find it functional, which for me is one of most important things in the upcycling projects I make. Let me know if you have repurposed a soil bag, maybe I can gather some ideas to share on a blog post!

Trash is the Failure of Imagination 😉

Trash is the failure of Imagination | ecogreenlove

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4 thoughts on “DIM: Upcycled Gym bag

  1. Feed bags are very useful for all sorts of things, but there are just too many to use. It is a shame that they are not yet sent back when the feed is delivered. However, most bulk items can be purchased in standardized bags, so eventually, feed will likely be available to be shoveled back into the same bags as long as the bags last.

    1. Agree. Ideally, if in the region there is a composting facility, would be to take one’s own sack or bag and refill soil there to prevent more plastic production.

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