The Death of Bees Explained [Video]

The Death of Bees Explained [Video]

In 2015 the bees are still dying in masses. Which at first seems not very important until you realize that one third of all food humans consume would disappear with them. Millions could starve. The foes bees face are truly horrifying – some are a direct consequence of human greed. We need to help our small buzzing friends or we will face extremely unpleasant consequences.

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2 thoughts on “The Death of Bees Explained [Video]

  1. I think quite a few more people are now taking bees seriously. It is possible to provide a little bit of bee food no matter how small your ‘garden’ plot. Sadly, the corporate purveyors of bee poison don’t seem to care. Only this week I read that a contractor for Bayer are threatening to sue a campaign organisation if they don’t back off from their campaign to save bees.

    1. I agree, every small contribution counts. We don’t have a backyard, just two small balconies, but we try to plant flowers that attract pollinators, but to be honest, we see some but not as much before… that is scary. I didnt know about Bayer, such a shame!
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