Energy-Efficient Home Hacks for Vacation [Visual]

Energy-Efficient Home Hacks for Vacation [Visual] | ecogreenlove

Although you’re taking a vacation, your home will still be working while you’re gone. Here are a few steps to take to minimize your house’s energy consumption and to mitigate the risk of potential damages while your home is unattended.

Did you know the U.S. spends over $26 Billion on wasted energy?! Many people aren’t aware of how much energy their home consumes, including while they’re away for vacation.  

For this reason, Angi created a helpful visual that explains different strategies and quick home hacks to reduce a home’s carbon footprint (and utility bills). 

Energy-Efficient Home Hacks for Vacation [Visual] | ecogreenlove
Visual by Angi

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3 thoughts on “Energy-Efficient Home Hacks for Vacation [Visual]

  1. Good simple tips.
    I have my work computer setup on a power strip and click it off when I leave the office. I do the same at home.
    Monitors still draw power in sleep mode. It’s not much but why not click the switch and make it 0?

    1. Exactly, one simple switch makes a big difference!

      we started plugging the laundry machine only when is washing day and creating the habit of unplugging it right away when it’s done to avoid that energy leak

      Thank you for your passing by! 💚

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