Global Water Waste [Visuals]

Global Water Waste [Visuals] | ecogreenlove

With two-thirds of the global population predicted to live in regions of high water stress by 2025, providing an accurate and deep understanding of this issue is critical.

Utility Bidder, a UK-based utility comparison service created this insightful resource on Global Water Waste. It covers everything individuals, homes and businesses need to consider:

  • The impact of wastewater on the environment.
  • Global water waste statistics, with countries, ranked and country-specific case studies. The most common water-wasting habits.
  • The entire water process, including production, collection, treatment, and reuse.
  • How individuals and families can reduce water waste.

Statistics show that there are huge disparities in water use across countries. Individuals in the USA use the most water on average, at 373 litres, while people in Mexico use just 5.4 litres per person per day. While Kenya is often struggling with a water crisis, Belgium on the other hand is the biggest daily consumer.

Global Water Waste • Daily Water Used on Average by Individuals (litres) | ecogreenlove

Some of the research and statistics uncovered are:

Global Water Waste • Stats | ecogreenlove
Global Water Waste • Water Waste Issues | ecogreenlove
Global Water Waste • Wastewater Stats | ecogreenlove
Global Water Waste • Wastewater Stats | ecogreenlove

It is extremely important for us to make active efforts to change our water waste habits and that is starting at home. Even the simplest changes you make at home can make a positive difference.

To know more about what you can do to protect the environment and how you can help conserve water, you can check their resource here.

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