Create your own Backyard Getaway [Visual]

Create your own Backyard Getaway [Visual] | ecogreenlove

The stress we’re facing these days is at an all-time high. A health crisis is gripping the country and the world, and we want nothing more than to get away from it all. The problem is, getaways are out of the question for now.

If we only had our own backyard getaway, things would be a bit different. Imagine spending the better part of your day in your personal oasis right there in your backyard, with customized misting systems keeping you cool day and night. You can have your meals there, curl up on the furniture, read your favorite books, all to the sound of water cascading down a small fountain a few feet away.

It’s never too late to create an oasis right there in your backyard. If you’re interested in creating a backyard getaway for yourself, check out the infographic below for tips on making it a reality.

Create Your Own Backyard Getaway [Visual] | ecogreenlove
Visual by Señor Mist

Transform your outdoor space into an oasis for the family

You don’t need to leave home for an outdoor getaway.

As long as you have outdoor living space within the confines of your property, you can have your own enchanting and relaxing oasis, and all you have to do is step out the door. Here some ideas on transforming your outdoor living pace.

Outdoor fire pit

A fire pit in your outdoor space helps create a warm and cozy atmosphere. It can also provide more lighting for your oasis. You can even cook on it. You can have a fire pit built into the ground, or have a portable one right there on your patio or deck.

Build a patio or a deck

You can read a book, entertain guests, have dinners, sip some wine, or simply unwind on a patio or a deck. Your patio could be made out of wood, wood composite, PVC, or aluminium.

Put up some comfy furniture and add plush pillows, cushions, and area rugs. Ensure comfort by installing misting systems. When the sun’s rays get too hot, patio drops shades can shield you from the heat.

Put up water features

Small, low-maintenance water features like a stone fountain or a corner waterfall will contribute immensely to the “oasis” look and vibe that you’re going for.

If your budget and outdoor space permits, then a swimming pool or a pond would be a welcome addition as well.

Lighting options

Your outdoor space needs to be well-lit at night. String lights around tree trunks would be a nice touch. So are floating pool globes, or even oil-burning tiki torches to light the path. You can also go the standard route like electric garden path lights and fancy lighting fixtures for the patio or deck.

Green it up

Plant trees, shrubs, flowering plants, or any plant life that will make your outdoor space as green and relaxing as you want it.

Declutter your yard

Clear your yard of old and broken-down garden furniture, piles of wood, unused bins, empty plant or pots, old playground equipments, or any clutter before starting any work on it.

Put a premium on privacy

A fence or tall hedges around your property should ensure privacy as your relax in your personal oasis.

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