How to afford to Be Eco-Friendly while you’re Stuck at Home

It’s not uncommon for the terms expensive and eco-friendly to be paired together, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. With an increasing number of the population spending more time in their homes, it’s important to assess how increased hours spent indoors can impact our planet. As energy bills rise, now is the perfect time to consider how you can be more eco-friendly with your choices at home, and more importantly how to afford to make these changes.

How to afford to Be Eco-Friendly while you’re Stuck at Home • Take things slow | ecogreenlove
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Since this increased time inside is uncharted territory for everyone, don’t let the temptation of switching up your routine to be more green get the best of you. Making too many big changes at this time will likely cause you more stress, so try and take things slow. If you’re concerned about the amount of waste you might be generating at home, look online for reusable items you know you’ll utilize every day. Whether you purchase beeswax wrap, or washable ziplock bags, these items will lessen your impact, and will save you a trip to an already busy grocery store. There are endless affordable and reusable items you can purchase online in order to avoid venturing out of your home. While it might feel like going reusable won’t have a significant impact on the environment, if more homes adopt this solution, landfill waste is sure to decrease as opposed to spiking up during this time.

How to afford to Be Eco-Friendly while you’re Stuck at Home • Make future plans | ecogreenlove
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If you’re hoping to help our planet while saving on utility bills, opt for eco-friendly changes you can make in the future that will give you a return on their investment. Whether you make larger scale plans or stay simple, there are plenty of options that will end up saving you a pretty penny over time. In terms of large scale changes, talk with a local provider about the possibility of investing in solar power for your home. While this change can’t be implemented right away, it’s certainly one that will give you a return on your energy bill over time, and there are plenty of financing options to explore should you be interested. It might also be in your best interest to consider re-evaluating the way you take care of waste in your home in general. From implementing a new recycling system to purchasing a composter, these kinds of small changes can be made in the near future and can lessen your impact on the planet. Should you start composting, consider using your composted soil for a possible garden in the coming months. This will save you on produce moving forward and help you once again avoid overcrowded stores.

How to afford to Be Eco-Friendly while you’re Stuck at Home • Explore financial options | ecogreenlove
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When it comes to larger future changes you might want to make to your home, be sure to explore every financial option. From purchasing energy efficient appliances to installing solar panels/shingles, there are plenty of ways to fund such endeavors. Don’t rule out simply using your credit card for an eco-friendly upgrade you make that has a manageable price tag. If you’re hesitant to swipe your card, do some research into home equity loans and how they work. Most homeowners find a home equity loan to be a smart and easy option if they’re considering making big alterations to their house.

How to afford to Be Eco-Friendly while you’re Stuck at Home • Assess each room | ecogreenlove
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Lastly, it’s important to assess each room you use in your house in order to determine where you can cut back on energy usage. Look into water usage and how this can be lessened to save our planet, and to save on your monthly expenses. The next time you might feel a chill while you’re stuck at home, consider layering up instead of turning up the thermostat. If you can have an open conversation with every member of your household about how you can be more mindful of using less energy, you’re sure to save some extra cash while maintaining a more eco-friendly lifestyle in your home.

How to afford to Be Eco-Friendly while you’re Stuck at Home | ecogreenlove

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