Ways to Breathe easier Indoors [Infographic]

Ways to Breath easier Indoors [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Recent studies have been released stating that even our homes can be contaminated by the daily pollutants usually only reserved for metropolitan epicenters. While these pollutants are on a much smaller scale than, say, city smog, it’s important to eliminate them for the safety of the entire household.

The consequences of efficiency are the main culprit. From household cleaning product fumes to smoke from burnt cooking ware, everyday products need to be considered with care before purchasing and while using. It’s inevitable — we need to buy modern products to function normally in today’s society. However, this doesn’t equate to carelessness.

One step to take to a greener home is to ditch artificial air fresheners. Science Direct report that 20 percent of the American population is allergic to such smell enhancers — and some may not know it. Opt for a naturally scented candle or organic and natural popery bag.

There are many more ways to anti-pollute a home, here is an infographic by that gives specific, scientifically-backed ways to keep your home fresh and pollutant-free.

Ways to Breath easier Indoors [Infographic]  | ecogreenlove
Visual by FragranceX

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