Microbiome & Oral Health Tips [Visual]

Microbiome & Oral Health Tips [Visual] | ecogreenlove

We can all agree taking care of our teeth and gums is important. After all, we only get one set of permanent choppers and we need to keep them healthy. The question is, what’s the best way to care for them? The prevailing theory for most of the last century was that gum disease and cavities were caused by bacteria, and we needed to banish the bacteria to prevent oral disease.

A surprising number of common practices and over-the-counter products aren’t actually backed up by evidence. Talk to your dentist, do your own research, and pay attention to your own experience to determine the best methods for caring for your teeth and gums.

What does the new paradigm mean for oral care? The science is still in its infancy. But, as it develops, you may want to adjust your approach to oral health to promote a healthy state of balance in the mouth rather than banishing bacteria. Keep reading to learn how:

Microbiome & Oral Health Tips [Visual] | ecogreenlove
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