The Benefits of a Plant Wall [Infographic]

The Benefits of a Plant Wall [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

If you are looking for a great design feature that brings the beauty of nature into your home, an eco-friendly and stylish living wall is the perfect choice for you. Living walls are stunning plant features created by covering a surface with plants, usually on the walls and facades of buildings.

They have gained popularity in recent years and can be found in buildings and cityscapes across the world. Many green cities are getting creative with their use of living walls and applying them to structures like freeway overpasses, retaining walls and other architecture. There has also been a huge rise in people including living walls in their home. They are more than an aesthetic design, they boast health and environmental benefits too.

Living walls combat poor air quality by introducing clean oxygen into the air and acting as toxin filters removing toxins like trichloroethylene, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia. Plants like peace lilies, English ivy, ferns and other plants do a great job of removing toxins from the air. Better air quality not only benefits your respiratory system — but it also helps you relax and puts you in a better state of mind. And for nature lovers, living walls bring the outdoors in and add a lush calmness to a space.

Another benefit of living walls is a lower environmental impact because the plants insulate your home. This means less energy spent on air conditioning which will also benefit your bank account. Living walls also insulate your home from outside noise which is an important feature to keep in mind when deciding where to put your living wall. Try picking a wall that receives the most outdoor noise, like one facing a road or a noisy neighbor.

There are many different ways to incorporate a living wall into your home. Whether you’re looking for something smaller or for a full wall design, there is a design and layout to perfectly fit your style and needs. Check out this infographic by ProFlowers below for design inspiration and extra tips.

The Benefits of a Plant Wall [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
Visual by ProFlowers

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