Package Free shop @Heidelberg

Package Free shop @Heidelberg | ecogreenlove

Thanks to fellow green blogger Wasteland Rebel because she provides a list of Package Free shops in Germany and Austria. And I got to find one exactly in Heidelberg (right where we live) that I wasn’t aware of! Now I buy most of my grains, nuts, pasta and other dry goods there!

If you live near Heidelberg and you are interested, visit Annas Unverpacktes:
Inh. Anna Wahala
Ladenburger Str. 37
69120 Heidelberg
Telefon: 06221 / 6724604
Facebook: @annasunverpacktes

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3 thoughts on “Package Free shop @Heidelberg

  1. Heidelberg!! Das ist bei uns daheim ja fast um die Ecke! Mein Herz schlägt höher! Vielen Dank für den Tip!

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