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A while ago, around beginning of this year, we saw this Green Shop in the old town of Heidelberg. Is a bit hidden, but we went inside because the plate hanging on the gate said “Grünes Design” (german for Green Design). What a surprise, we don’t know how or why we had never seen this shop before and since when was there! But is really cool (and surprisingly big in size). It has upcycled, bio, fair-trade and vegan products: from chocolate to furniture. Everything for the home, office, personal care and education/entertainment.

Not long before, we had found our package-free shop, so we had already replaced several items to reduce our waste at home. The thing we found there and we immediately bought to try it out, was a plastic-free natural mouthwash. So far, we were making our own simple mouthwash with salty water and essential oils. So we didn’t hesitate to give this one a try. We were happy to use it, we liked it, first we thought it was expensive but that it would be worth it (100ml – €16), and we think it was since are just a few drops what you mix in water for every time you use it. So ours lasted around 3 months (or more) for the both of us. The problem is that there is still the bottle left. So, lately I have been mixing up my own mouthwash again.

I want to go back to check the lunch boxes, the lavender soap and the beeswax food wrap. Below we leave pictures of some of the products they sell:

If you happen to live around Heidelberg or you come by, don’t miss checking it out 💚
Visit GoodsHouse Heidelberg:

Nicola Mirus
Hauptstrasse 113a
69117 Heidelberg
Tel. 06221-659687
Facebook: Goodshouse -Grünes Design-

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