DIY Fall Decorations with Nature

DIY Fall Decorations with Nature | ecogreenlove

Officially, Autumn is here! What I love about Fall is the cozy indoor weather, having cups of tea and watching the colourful leaves covering the ground. But apart from leaves, there are some other stuff falling from trees like pinecones, Kastanien (chestnuts) and acorns, which are great to collect them for home/office decoration don’t you think? And well, even if they don’t fall from trees, but is the major icon for Fall: Pumpkins! Below there are ideas which I hope they inspire you:

Dry LeavesPineconesChestnutsAcornsPumpkins & Seasonal Fruit • for Kids

Fill a tray and containers with assorted berries, nuts, and fruit.
The combination fruits, pinecones, leaves, gourds, and more provides a variety of colors, shapes, and textures that instantly makes the arrangement look complete
Fall Plant Arrangement

Pumpkins and Pinecones

Dry Leaves

PineconesChestnutsAcornsPumpkins & Seasonal Fruit • for Kids

How to Preserve Leaves
Frosted Fallen-Leaves Ornament for Autumn
Deep waxed Hanging Leaves
Rather than a bouquet of flowers, go for a bouquet of autumn leaves
Luminous Leaf Lanterns
Leaf-shape twig accessory
Choose white vases in various shapes and sizes and fill them with different colors of leaves.
Focus on the beauty of individual fall leaves by displaying them in glass beakers or miniature vases
Leaf Lantern
Fall Leaf Stones to Use as Paperweights or as Decorations


Dry Leaves • ChestnutsAcornsPumpkins & Seasonal Fruit • for Kids

DIY Pine Cone Garland
Pine Cone Topiary
Natural inexpensive centre table decoration
Ombre Pinecone tutorial
Hanging Pinecone Decoration


Dry LeavesPinecones • AcornsPumpkins & Seasonal Fruit • for Kids

Place card/name holder using a painted chestnut
Chestnuts decoration idea (German)
Chestnut wreath
Chestnut decoration ball
Chestnut web (or could be also a god’s eye) in Norwegian
DIY chestnut ring
String conkers to put into drawers (especially for wool/cashmere) for some smell (and maybe to prevent moths)


Dry LeavesPineconesChestnuts • Pumpkins & Seasonal Fruit • for Kids

How to Clean and Dry Acorns for Decorating
Colourful acorn caps
Acorn Napkin Rings
Acorn Wreath
Acorn Ball Decoration
Acorn Pumpkins
Acorn Cap Candles
Acorns and pearls wreath candle base
Flowers with Acorns and Lentils
Personalised Acorn Ornaments
Heart Acorns
Hanging glittery acorns
Ways to Craft with Acorns
Acorn Crafts: Fall Autumn (many Projects and Ideas with pictures)
Fall Decorating with Nature: Acorns & Leaves (many ideas with pictures)


Dry LeavesPineconesChestnutsAcorns • Seasonal Fruit • for Kids

Add petite pumpkins to an existing display to dress it up for fall
Start with a collection of pumpkins that are the same shape but have varied sizes and colors
Super-Fast Pumpkins with No-Carve Designs
Showcase miniature pumpkins in an elegant fashion with a bell jar or cloche
Gourd and Pumpkin Lights
Free Printable Fall carving Pumpkin Stencils
Pumpkin on a Pedestal
Candle holders – Fall Outdoor Decorating (many ideas with pictures)
Gorgeous Gourds and Pumpkins for Fall Decorating (many ideas with pictures)
Easy Fall Flower Arrangements (many ideas with pictures)

Seasonal Fruit

Dry LeavesPineconesChestnutsAcornsPumpkins • for Kids

Modern Cornucopia
Arrange artichokes, heads of lettuce, and lotus pods in similar coloured vases
Fill a hurricane vase with about two inches of white beans and added a branch of yellow berries
Arrange brightly colored apples on your mantel
Dress up your light fixtures for the season by hanging fall-theme ornaments from the arms of a chandelier
Tie a grouping of Indian corn ears together and hang from a cabinet door.
Corn Garland
Divide dried wheat into bunches, lightly mist them with the paint, and tuck them in layers into a wreath form

for Kids

Dry LeavesPineconesChestnutsAcornsPumpkins & Seasonal Fruit

Autumn Maple Leaf Crowns
Leaf animals by Mortéza Esmaîli Sohi
DIY Chestnut Animations
Fall craft tutorial: make a chestnut worm!
Leaf Creatures
Chestnuts and Acorns used to create little Owls (German)
Chestnut little monsters bouquet (Finnish)
Ideas with chestnuts, acorns and plasticine (Bulgarian)
Chestnuts snakes (Danish)
Mom + Kids DIY: Fall Art Project and Banner
Kid Crafts For Fall: 21 Ways To Get Creative (many ideas with pictures)
Fall leaf print
Conker necklace

You can find many more crafts on Pinterest

Dry LeavesPineconesChestnutsAcornsPumpkins & Seasonal Fruit • for Kids

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