Summer Flowers for your Eco-Friendly Garden [Visual]

Summer Flowers for Your Eco-Friendly Garden [Visual] | ecogreenlove

These days, with more time spent at home and warmer months, you are bound to find yourself in your garden. Whether you are combing over your dried-out tomato plant from last summer or peeking over your next-door neighbor’s fence at their perfect daffodil flower beds, we’ve all wanted to plant the perfect summer garden.

If you think that your garden could use a bit of perkiness and revival, you might not need to look into remodeling. Just by adding vibrant summer flowers to your backyard garden, you can turn it into a refreshing, green oasis.

Below are some of the most versatile, beautiful flowers that will grow across many climates and temperatures. Add a variety of summer and year-round perennial flowers to your garden to replenish its ecosystem and overall beauty.

Direct Sun Perennials

When choosing flowers that will add a new and improved look to your garden, consider the climate that your plants will be facing. Will they be growing under direct sunlight in the blazing summer heat? Are they a bit more shade than the front yard’s plants? 

Familiarizing yourself with the environment of your garden will be worth the while when planting flowers. Here are some of the best full sun perennial flowers that will bloom throughout the hottest summer months.

Lemonjade Sedum

This flower is known to be particularly low maintenance and high satisfaction. This white and yellow flower can cover a bunch of your garden and fill up any open spaces that you may want to cover without any yard work.

Black-Eyed Susan

Similar to the daisy, this flower can sustain itself well in high temperatures. It comes in a few varieties, such as the Cherry Brandy, and can bloom throughout the summer in beautiful yellow tones.

Russian Sage

This plant is particularly desirable in wooded areas with forest animals as it is said to be deer and rabbit resistant. It blooms in the middle of summer and is a beautiful touch to gardens.


Because these flowers bloom for up to six months, they are perfect for any gardener who is interested in spending a lot of time in their garden. These fun, bright flowers come in Green Envy, Double Scoop Cranberry, Yellow My Darling, and a few other varieties. They have long-lasting personalities!

Texas Bluebell

With shades in purple, blue, pink, white, and pale green, the Texas Bluebell is a staple for all flower garden lovers. Known as the Prairie Gentian, this flower is a beautiful addition to your garden.

Million Bells

Resembling small petunias in a rainbow of colors, these plants are a fun addition to any garden that needs a pop of color. This flower is usually potted to avoid being overwatered, and add to your sustainable eco-friendly garden.

If you want to learn more about which flowers to add to your garden, see this infographic to allow your garden to flourish and grow sustainably.

Summer Flowers for your Eco-Friendly Garden [Visual] | ecogreenlove
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