Sustainable Ideas for your Landscape Makeover

Sustainable Ideas for your Landscape Makeover | ecogreenlove

There are many factors to consider to create environmentally friendly landscape designs. But the basic principle is that you should let climate determine what plants to grow to prevent the use of too many fertilizers, pesticides, and water. So, if you are looking for some eco-friendly ways to improve your garden, these sustainable ideas will give you a landscape makeover that will work hand-in-hand with nature.

Sustainable Ideas for your Landscape Makeover | ecogreenlove
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Maintain a healthy soil

Healthy soil is the most important ingredient to have a wonderful outdoor space full of life. To make a sustainable landscape, you need to aerate the soil once or twice a year so the plants would grow strong. This means that you need to make small holes in the soil so that water and nutrients can easily penetrate to the roots. Compost will also keep your soil nourished and moist the whole year which is especially beneficial for flowers. Also, avoid mowing the lawn too close to the ground to prevent erosion and allow the grass to have strong roots.

Choose the plants carefully

The plants in your garden should thrive well in the local climate since they won’t require a lot of nurturing. Native plants and trees require less water since they are well adjusted to the conditions in your region. Moreover, they also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies and help nature flourish. Use layering to create a lush environment that will serve as pest control and home birds which like shrubs and trees the most. And if you want to avoid the nuisance of having a lawn, try landscaping with low-water solutions like stone, gravel, cacti, and succulents.

Sustainable Ideas for your Landscape Makeover | ecogreenlove
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Conserve water

The best way to conserve water is to collect rainwater in a barrel and later use it to irrigate the plants. However, having an irrigation system is also fine if you adopt some sustainable ideas to prevent the overuse of water. For example, install sensors that will shut down the system if it’s raining and always inspect the valves for leakage.

Sanitized sewage water is also a great way to conserve water and stop using fresh potable water for irrigation purposes. Adjustable sprinkles can also help since they allow you to position them so they water where it’s necessary and don’t create wasteful runoff.

Use environmentally responsible materials

Choosing the right building supplies and materials is important to create an eco-friendly environment. Instead of using PVC, go for sustainable lumber, scrap metal and other recycled and reclaimed materials.

Instead of buying new ones, go to flea markets, salvage store, and yard sales or browse the Internet for the used goods that would otherwise end up in the trash. Bamboo is sustainable and perfect for outdoor furniture while using solar lights will have you spending less electricity and saving on the bill.

Sustainable Ideas for your Landscape Makeover | ecogreenlove
Image source: freepik

Switch to eco-friendly maintenance

Eco-friendly fertilizers and non-toxic insecticides are crucial if you want to have a sustainable landscape. Spreading compost will attract earthworms that will naturally aerate the soil, while homemade insecticides will take care of the persistent bugs. The same applies to herbicides which will take care of weeds and stop them from the feeding of your plants.

Homemade products basically include what you have in your kitchen like vegetable oil, mild soap, neem oil, and garlic. Even though the sustainable landscape has a way of taking care of the pests on its own, it still needs a little help to keep them away.


Sustainable ideas allow nature to truly thrive and beautify your space. While you will have to do some organizing and planning in the beginning, as time goes by you will more enjoy the view than tend to the plants, which is the point with an eco-friendly landscape makeover.

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Sustainable Ideas for your Landscape Makeover | ecogreenlove

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