Why you should Upcycle in your Next Remodel

Why you should Upcycle in your Next Remodel | ecogreenlove

Upcycling is a great way to make use of old, damaged, or unwanted products by transforming them into something new and improved, rather than letting them go to waste. When it comes to home design, people typically use upcycling to create decorative accent pieces, but who’s to say you can’t upcycle in home remodel as well?

Can Save You Money

Think about it: home improvement project costs can fall on the higher end of the spectrum depending on the materials you choose and the configuration of the room. Instead of breaking the bank for a brand new luxury remodel, upcycling can take items you already have and transform them into refreshing and fully functioning pieces for a fraction of the cost.

By way of example, kitchens are one of the most commonly remodeled rooms, and the typical price range for a kitchen remodel runs between $13,161 to $37,002. While price points can vary, there are more efficient ways for you to have a successful remodel, all while protecting both your savings account and the environment. To do so, consider upcycling an outdated bench or spare bar stools to revamp a breakfast nook, salvaging old wood palettes for an accent wall and backsplash, or reclaiming and repainting old cabinets. By upcycling pre-owned pieces in your kitchen remodel, you can then use the money you saved to upgrade other aspects of your kitchen, like rusted-out faucets or appliances

Helps Protect the Environment

It may not be something you think about in your daily life, but upcycling is a great way to help protect the environment, as it reduces waste in addition to water, air, and soil pollution. In a typical remodel, the items you throw away are dumped in a landfill and may take years to decompose. Not to mention, certain materials used during your remodel may contain harmful chemicals that can cause soil degradation. Aside from protecting the earth from further harm, another eco-friendly perk of upcycling is that it reduces the use of natural materials.

Boosts Creativity

A bonus of upcycling is that it gives you a chance to dig into your creative side and make something that is one of a kind. Additionally, it can enhance your repair skills, allowing you to complete more DIY projects than before. Using your creativity in a remodel will give your home a unique look that you can proudly say you did yourself.

Don’t be afraid to step out of the box when getting creative. Perhaps you find old tiles of which you like the shape, but not the color. You can easily give the tiles a fresh coat of paint, new grout, and you have a fresh and new backsplash that’s all your own without having to purchase new ones.

Bonus Tip

If you’re ready to begin your remodel, but you don’t know where to start, consider which elements of a room you’re looking to renovate. Try hunting thrift stores and salvage shops to find gently-used and worn pieces to revamp, and don’t be afraid to take to the internet to research upcycling for help finding some inspiration on how to remodel with salvaged items. Know that whatever you’re removing can be reused instead of thrown out. Should you decide not to keep specific items, consider donating them instead of trashing them.

Remember to start small, and build your skills to save yourself from frustration and wasted materials. This will also help you keep a budget and prevent you from spending money on unneeded items. By choosing to upcycle in your next remodel, you’ll be able to incorporate sustainable, unique, and cost-effective pieces into your home.

Why you should Upcycle in your Next Remodel | ecogreenlove

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