Eco-Friendly Apps to help you Save Green [Infographic]

Eco-Friendly Apps to help you Save Green [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

When someone says they are “going green,” what do you think of? For the most part, being more eco-friendly is associated with recycling plastic and cardboard, buying a reusable water bottle and shopping bags, and sourcing local, organic food. While these activities will definitely help the earth, they still take a fair bit of time, money, and effort—which not all people have. For those without those resources, or who just don’t know where to begin, the whole concept of “going green” can seem a little daunting and overwhelming.

The good news is that it certainly doesn’t have to be! Environmentally conscious companies have realized the need for eco-friendly apps that make going green as easy as pressing “download.” In such a technologically advanced world, it is now entirely possible to go green from the convenience of your smartphone and comfort of your own home—all while saving a little money at the same time.

Apps like Oroeco and JouleBug track the daily actions of users and identify the main areas of waste in their lives, allowing for them to cut back on anything that is wasting energy or other resources. With these apps on your smartphone, you can not only lessen your carbon footprint but also reduce your utility bill each month—and who would say no to that?

Other apps like iRecycle allow users to track their recycling habits, point them towards the nearest recycling center, and show how to recycle everything from paint cans to shopping bags. The Litterati app helps users log the amount of litter they pick up, allowing the team behind the app to analyze where the main areas with the most litter are.

There are even apps that help users make better choices that will have a positive effect on their surrounding environment. HowGood helps people make better decisions about where their food is coming from, by having users scan the barcode at a grocery store. From there, users can see how good the food you’re considering is for not only you, but the world as a whole. NatureHub makes finding socially responsible small businesses a breeze by simply letting users know where the closest one to them is, ending the cashflow to big businesses who aren’t environmentally responsible.

No matter what app you end up downloading, they are sure to prove that saving the world begins at home—and it doesn’t have to be difficult, or even expensive! It can start with the smallest of actions and still make a difference. This chart from Turbo Intuit lays out 16 apps you can download right now to start going more green. Reducing, reusing, and recycling has never been easier!

Eco-Friendly Apps to help you Save Green [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
Visual by Intuit Turbo

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