Greenspiration: Home Design for the Eco-Conscious

Greenspiration: Home Design for the Eco-Conscious | ecogreenlove

Concerns about climate changes and the general state of our planet are constantly growing. As a result, many industries have started introducing new, green approaches and methods into their business models, trying to contribute to environmental preservation. The same goes for the eco-conscious interior design which has gained popularity recently, and many owners are now implementing sustainable practices when decorating their home. In order to help you follow in their footsteps and do something good both for our environment and your family, we’ve singled out a list of some awesome ideas and suggestion regarding this topic. Feel free to take a look.

Greenspiration: Home Design for the Eco-Conscious | ecogreenlove

Stick to water-based paint

Wall paint can be extremely harmful if it contains VOCs (volatile organic compound). This substance is related to numerous serious diseases including cancer and liver and central nervous system damage, so it’s absolutely crucial to avoid any prolonged contact with it. Luckily, water-based paint has been shown to be a great green alternative. The best thing is that these are available in a wide variety of tones and hues, so you can easily find the ones to match the rest of your design.

Introduce greenery

You may not be able to help re-forestation, but you can certainly introduce some greenery into your own home. Just a couple of plants in each room will be enough to purify the air, enrich it with oxygen and turn your home into a significantly healthier place to live in. On top of that, different flower arrangements and small potted trees can serve as amazing decoration that will speak volumes about your eco-conscious side. You can even bring some of them to your bathroom and get the chance to really reconnect with nature and regain the much-needed peace while enjoying your long warm baths.

Greenspiration: Home Design for the Eco-Conscious | ecogreenlove

Accentuate natural elements

If you want your home to be truly green, you must stick to eco materials. For instance, you should think about using salvaged wood to construct your coffee table. It would go well with pretty natural rugs that you can incorporate into the design to create that special homey vibe. They come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find the ones that fit perfectly into every room. Feel free to pick interesting patterns and you’ll break the monotony instantly.

Recycled materials are the future of home design

All you need is a bit of imagination and you’ll see how many everyday materials can be repurposed and recycled to fit your interior design. For example, your old newspapers can be turned into a charming vintage wallpaper, and the possibilities with this idea are limitless. If you love contemporary sharp designs you can use cement blocks to build your own nightstand. Its raw quality will catch everybody’s attention and create a nice contrast to a warm atmosphere in your bedroom. Finally, bottle caps could actually be used to decorate your floors. You just need to collect as many of different colored caps as you can, and then use them to create an interesting pattern to make your bathroom look trendy and unique.

Greenspiration: Home Design for the Eco-Conscious | ecogreenlove

Rely on natural lighting as much as possible

Even though you can’t expect to cut down power use completely, you should at least try to minimize it as much as possible. You can start by relying on natural light and avoiding turning on the lamps when you don’t really need them. So, instead of keeping your blinds and thick curtains closed all the time, open them up and let the sunshine in. You can also position mirrors on the opposite wall so they could reflect the sunrays and make the room even brighter. This way, aside from reducing your electricity bills and keeping your eyes healthy, you’ll successfully contribute to the preservation of environment and the reduction of your carbon footprint. Finally, if you’re ready to make a bigger investment, think about installing huge glass panels in your living room. You’ll be exposed to more daylight and get a better chance to enjoy the view while drinking your morning coffee.

As you can see, it’s doesn’t take much effort to live in a healthy eco-conscious home. You just need to be open to new ideas and not hesitate to use different recycled materials. Green alternatives are numerous and you just need to be patient to discover which ones suit your home the best. Good luck and stay healthy!

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  1. Things I’ve been finding recently, Clay paint and natural fibre carpet, I have been doing research for the house I’m in the process of purchasing and it needs breathable clay pint as it’s listed, unintended eco Benefits! But it’s made me think more about how we could decorate the house with less impact

    1. that is something to definitely research… thank you for the info… we’ll dig more into decoration sources. Thank you for passing by! 💚

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