Rising Sea Levels [Infographic]

Rising Sea Levels [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

As global temperatures rise, sea levels have also begun to climb, resulting in disastrous flooding that has devastated and displaced communities around the world. Unfortunately, sea levels will only grow higher in the coming years—temperature increases are likely to continue due to climate change and will rapidly melt glaciers. In this likely scenario, it won’t just be a few people underwater—sea levels could negatively affect more than 100 million people, equaling about one-third of the US population. Sea levels are expected to rise 8-34 inches by 2100, and flooding could make current coastal areas uninhabitable within the next century.

For more information about how sea levels could displace millions and cost the global economy trillions, check out this infographic from the Safety Management Program at Eastern Kentucky University Online.

Although it’s extremely important to work on reducing emissions and slowing down rising global temperatures, communities will also have to think about short term, and the possibility that their homes will no longer be safe from the rising seas in coming years.

Infrastructure and maintenance of beaches, wetlands, barrier islands, and mangrove trees will be key to protecting communities. Building seawalls and levees and creating buildings that can withstand natural disasters like flooding could help to keep the rising seas from taking over coastal cities in the next few years. In the most at-risk communities, some residents may want to think about moving inland to avoid losing their homes. In the end, however, reducing emissions is our best and only solution for preventing sea levels from getting out of control.

Rising Sea Levels [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
Infographic by Eastern Kentucky University

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