Enhance Sustainability of your Home with these Eco Upgrades

Enhance Sustainability of your Home with these Eco Upgrades | ecogreenlove

The green movement has taken the world by storm, which is no surprise if we just stop for a second and look at our environment. Our air is polluted with various toxins, our land is littered by every form of garbage we can think of and our oceans and other bodies of water almost contain more waste than they do aquatic creatures. So, it was high time we took action and started minding our actions if we want to have something to leave to future generations.

However, no matter how important accepting the green movement is, there is still a lot of negligence and even ignorance when it comes to our lifestyles. People are not too eager to change their habits, and even though a certain behavior might be harmful to the environment, people choose to follow it because it’s easy.

On the other hand, there are those who are aware of just how bad humanity is for the environment, and who want to make a change that will help them live with the environment, not against it, but they don’t know how. If you belong to this group, check out some of these tips and features you can implement in your home to start leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Start small

Accepting and implementing the eco-friendly lifestyle will be a huge change in your day-to-day life. So, to avoid feeling overwhelmed, you should start small. For instance, replace your shower head and faucets with the ones that contain aerators – this way, you’ll still seemingly get the same water pressure, but you’ll waste significantly less water. Next, replace your toilets with the low flow or dual flush versions to again reduce water wasting. Finally, replace your light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs, as they waste significantly less energy than incandescent ones.

Enhance Sustainability of your Home with these Eco Upgrades | ecogreenlove

Green up your home – quite literally

There is no greener solution than implementing greenery in your immediate surroundings. For example, instead of getting yourself an artificial purifier, fill your home with various plants that are just as efficient when it comes to purifying your indoor air. Next, a green wall will additionally insulate the wall it’s placed on, so that is another option you should consider implementing. The best thing is that you can plant various herbs and spices on your green wall, thus making it serve multiple purposes. Finally, instead of wasting a lot of energy and money on air conditioning, you should consider creating a green roof on your house that will provide you with the additional layer of insulation, thus making your home retain heat during winter and stay cool during summer.

Enhance Sustainability of your Home with these Eco Upgrades | ecogreenlove

Harvest natural resources

Next, you should do your best to harvest the things the nature is already presenting you with. What we mean to say is that you can collect rainwater and use it to water your garden or to flush your toilet. Did you know that in most countries, the same water that goes to your tap, goes to your toilet tank as well? This basically means that you are flushing your toilet with fresh drinking water, which makes no sense if you think about it. Also, you should consider installing solar panels and collectors, remove your house from the grid and only use the energy provided directly by the sun. For example, an energy-efficient 5-kilowatt solar system can collect and produce enough energy for an average household, so adding a similar solution to your home is something definitely worth considering.

Enhance Sustainability of your Home with these Eco Upgrades | ecogreenlove

Mind your behavior

Using too much unnecessary plastic, forgetting to recycle and reuse and not paying attention to the amount of garbage we accumulate on a day to day basis is something we are all guilty of, more or less. Therefore, if you’ve already decided to embrace the green mentality, it’s time you start paying more attention to your everyday behavior. So, the next time you want to throw away your food leftovers, see if there’s anything you can reuse. You can either donate things to a local animal shelter or start turning your food leftovers into compost you’ll later use in your garden. Next, avoid turning the washing machine or the dishwasher on unless they are filled to their maximum capacity. Finally, come up with various ways you can reuse various containers – cans can be turned into plant holders and that empty Pringles box can now house beans or spaghetti.

All in all, by increasing the sustainability of your home, you’ll reduce its carbon footprint. However, simply making your home more eco-friendly is just not enough. Instead, you should reset your entire mindset and start embracing all things green if you want to start leading a healthier lifestyle and do something good for the environment at the same time.

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  1. I love the idea of the green wall, but I think it would require some planning to keep the plants healthy and watered. My house is full of plants and we have rain water butts to water the garden; during our heat wave these were soon empty as I have so many tubs and pots – keeping bees and butterflies happy. Luckily we have a downstairs bathroom so I was filling watering cans up with bath water! All our food waste is collected by the council, but ours except meat bones goes in the compost bins, three in rotation.

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