4 Outdoor Plants to Décor your Garden [Infographic]

4 Outdoor Plants to Décor your Garden [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

There is a famous quote, “Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.” And we couldn’t agree more!! Apart from providing fresh air to breathe, plants enhance the décor of the house, fill the garden with colors and bring positivity to life. The gorgeous flowers blooming in the garden make a visual treat for the eyes that fills the heart with happiness.

There are different outdoor plants that you can grow in your garden to enhance its beauty and fill with fragrance.

Orange Gerbera Plant

4 Outdoor Plants to Décor your Garden | ecogreenlove

The orange Gerbera plant will enhance the allure of your garden with its bright and lively color. It will bring you closer to nature and allow you to get lost in the beauty around. This plant grows well in bright sunlight and rich, well-drained soil. So make sure you grow this plant at the location where it receives the maximum amount of the sunlight.

Fragrant Rose Plant

4 Outdoor Plants to Décor your Garden | ecogreenloveRose is the king of all plants whose mesmerized fragrance arouses our senses and take them for a joy ride. It is a plant that deserves the place in every garden to embellish the atmosphere with its presence. You can also send rose plant as a gift to your dear ones as a token of love and to promote the concept of green gifting. You can order this outdoor plant online from a florist shop.

Beautiful Jasmine Plant

4 Outdoor Plants to Décor your Garden | ecogreenloveThe jasmine plant is quite popular because of its exotic fragrance and herbal properties. Growing jasmine plant in your garden may require some extra efforts, but their sweet fragrance and beautiful appearance make it all worth. If you grow jasmine plant in your garden, make sure to protect it from extreme cold temperature and choose a warm, sheltered location for it.

Tulsi Plant

4 Outdoor Plants to Décor your Garden | ecogreenloveTulsi is a commonly found plant in Indian households that has several medicinal benefits. The consumption of Tulsi is beneficial in the cure of several diseases, allergies, infections and to reduce stress. Its oil is also used to treat several ailments. The tulsi plant grows well in sunny and humid climate and requires fresh potting soil. You can even spray water on Tulsi leaves to provide them with optimum humidity.

So spruce up the beauty of your garden with the outdoor plants mentioned above. You can also order these outdoor plants online at the florist shop from the comfort of your home.

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4 Outdoor Plants to Décor your Garden [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
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Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul

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    I really find this interesting. Plants, no matter what, always give joy. Most especially flowers; they give us a therapeutic experience, an opportunity to sync with nature & see the beauty in our environment. So, go yee, get intimate with the flower world, & compliment the conservation world.

    Amazing work for always inspiring great environmental love to the global village. I am sharing this away with lots of love

  2. Thanks ecogreenlove for making the efforts in info-graphic! It looks awesome..

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