6 Benefits to Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

6 Benefits to Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products | ecogreenlove

In our never-ending war with germs, we tend to use any means necessary to thoroughly clean our home. Therefore, we rely on an array of dangerous cleaning products to do our dirty work for us. In an attempt to eliminate every trace of dust and bacteria, we use these harsh products that are not only harmful to our health but the environment as well.

Eco-friendly industrial products, as well as those made from household ingredients, have numerous benefits over hazardous ones commonly used in every home. Here are some of them.

A Healthy Home

If you choose to use green cleaning products, you won’t have to worry about breathing in dangerous chemicals or absorbing them through the skin. This goes both for the person cleaning the home and those inhabiting it.

House cleaning sprays increase the risk of developing asthma, even if used once a week. Using green cleaning products reduces this risk.

Fortunately, there are a lot of companies who offer eco-friendly cleaning products without a dangerous catch. Furthermore, a lot of your household items like olive oil, lemon juice or white vinegar can also be used as equally effective cleaning products, as explained here.

A Healthy Environment

Every time you use standard cleaning products you are poisoning the atmosphere with the harmful chemicals they contain. Using eco-friendly products is not only good for your household but the environment as well.

Using green cleaning products helps prevent water and air pollution. It also reduces your impact on the ozone depletion, leading to the global climate change. A lot of eco-friendly cleaning products are stored in recyclable packages, significantly reducing waste.

Better for your Wallet

A lot of the items you already have in your home like lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar or baking soda can be used to clean your home. So why would you spend your money on expensive and dangerous cleaning products? Even expert cleaning services like Maid This use natural remedies for some hardcore stains. A good cleaning helper does not have to come from a store shelf.

Less Antibacterial Components

Products labeled antibacterial had been proven to promote bacterial resistance to antibiotics, as a study at the American Medical Association has recently shown. Furthermore, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contends that antibacterial products like soap have no advantage over regular ones. Finally, a component called Triclosan common in antibacterial products can harm your thyroid gland and hormonal system.

Safe Products

When you use standard cleaning products you risk injuries like chemical burns to your eyes or your skin. On the other hand, eco-friendly cleaners aren’t corrosive and follow certain standards regarding combustibility, inhalation toxicity and skin absorption.

Easier to Breathe

Since eco-friendly cleaning products contain a lot of natural essential oils they are much easier to breathe. Compared to industrial cleaning products with a distinctive, unpleasant odor, cleaning with eco-friendly products will feel like aromatherapy.

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