Must-Have Gardening Apps [Infographic]

Must-Have Gardening Apps [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Gardening is a wonderful activity as it holds so many benefits. It’s a healthy past-time, getting you out and about and active; it provides a wonderful enhancement to a living space however small; it can provide amazing produce from eye catching blooms to vegetables and fruits for your cooking exploits.

While of course it’s best to get the assistance of the experts when planning out your dream landscape garden or even just a small patch of space, there are many apps available that will also assist you. These apps vary in terms of their content and quality (and cost) so Capital Garden Services has developed this useful infographic which lists some we think are quite good.

Check them out and happy gardening. Of course if you need any expert help while you tend to your space, get in touch with (based in Dublin) and they will be happy to guide you.

Must-Have Gardening Apps [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
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One thought on “Must-Have Gardening Apps [Infographic]

  1. We’re pretty excited about a new app we developed for gardeners and homesteaders called SmartSteader! It’s like having a homestead management binder on your phone. We’ve been keeping paper-based records for years and having our “binder” with us wherever we go now has been a real game-changer! (So has not having to do all the math!) SmartSteader keeps track of how much you’re growing which is great cause it’s fun to see how productive your garden really was plus it challenges you to grow even more next year. The expense records help you stick to a budget and know just exactly what the garden is costing. There is a note-taking/journaling feature and income tracking is coming out soon for those who sell their extra produce. (We’re always making useful updates!) SmartSteader is out on iOS & Android with auto syncing between devices, even across platforms. All the data is safely and securely stored so no more worries about losing records. It’s been a real blessing to us on our homesteads and we’re hoping that others will find out how easy keeping these records can be now too!
    Take care,

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