How to catch Bass all Summer long [Infographic]

How to catch Bass all Summer long [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Catching largemouth bass during summer months can be one of the most exciting fishing experiences anglers have all year. Warm water conditions increase a bass’s metabolism, which causes it to feed more often. Bass are also very predictable in warm water conditions. With the lack of weather fronts that lead to frequent water temperature changes, bass stabilize and become comfortable in the same areas. Though bass are easiest to catch in the summer months, remember the following key factors to ensure success: know their location and determine their food source.

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Summer bass fishing is exciting and simple. Once an angler knows where to locate bass and what baits to present, catching them is just a matter of getting on the water and casting. Just like selling or buying a house, “location, location, location” is the most important factor in summer bass fishing. Because bass’s metabolisms are high, they will strike anything that looks alive. We’ve discussed some lure options, but confidence goes a long way in bass fishing. If you have a favorite lure, don’t be afraid to use it when in the proper location.

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