Savvy Salvagers Pallet Projects [Infographic]

Brought to you by Crowes Sawmills

Over two billion pallets are used every day to move stuff about, but the humble little transporter is way more versatile than just that. Creative minds have used pallets to make everything from doggie beds to dressing screens. This savvy salvagers infographic gives you tons of ideas for using pallets in your own home and guides you through the process, from picking safe pallets to gathering your tools, so that you can make your own pallet furniture for your own home. Don’t forget to share all your brilliant creations.


3 thoughts on “Savvy Salvagers Pallet Projects [Infographic]

  1. I see pallets everywhere. I wish I had a wood stove, I could heat my house with them.
    Last summer my engineer daughter tried to build a desk out of pallets. Unfortunately, the nails they use are difficult to remove without damaging the wood.
    I like the idea of making a few simple cuts and using pallets for shelving in the garage or shed.

    1. I have seen such simple ideas of how to reuse pallets like a bike’s stand. No cut, no nails, no mounting. Simple and yet so functional.

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