De-Wrinkling Hacks For Ironing

Ironing has become a dated chore that we rarely incorporate into our hectic lives. This belief has caused ironing and it’s many techniques to become a lost art. It’s time to revive this lost art and give clothing and our appearance a little more attention. This infographic, “Crinkles, Folds, and Creases,” is your guide to the many techniques of ironing and how they can spruce up your wardrobe.

If you’re still not feeling the classic way of ironing, Alight Fashion has collected a number of modern, quick methods to give your clothes a neater appearance. From using shower steam to your flat iron when you are in a hurry to get out the door.

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2 thoughts on “De-Wrinkling Hacks For Ironing

  1. Ironing is becoming a lost art. Actually it is mostly a lost art in my house – I try to do it as little as possible 🙂 . Good information for the times we need to get the wrinkles out.

    1. Haha is funny because the same happens to me, I actually try to buy clothes I can always hang outside to dry after washing and immediately I can fold without ironing 🙂 but this tips really interested me to get the ironing without an actual iron

      Enjoy the holidays!

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