Reusing old Razors

If you use disposable razors, you know that in the end you throw them away and end up in the landfill… Know that “once the lubricating strip starts to wear away and the blade dulls it is time to get a new one”. I researched a little bit and found this interesting Disposable vs. Reusable Razors article from HowStuffWorks to help you compare and see why “it appears that buying a reusable razor is cheaper in the long run. Even if you have to replace the razor a couple of times a year, you still come out ahead in the long run and you help save the environment a bit while you’re at it.”


In the meantime, if you already bought a pack of disposable razors, know you can sharpen them so they last longer:

Barbers have been doing this for years with leather straps:

Or with a pair of jeans:

Also, keeping it clean, according to this video, will make it last longer:
(just please make sure you close the tap when not using the water!)

And then when the blades become dull, reuse them! Here are some ideas:

Mini Disposable Razor Tri-pod for your camera by jawasan
10 Uses for a Razor by shadowfeet

Do you have more ideas? Share them with us!

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