ecogreenlove’s Balcony Garden [Update]

So this is how our plants (some edible, some are flowers for the bees, some we’re not yet sure what they are) look like after almost two months of sowing. Very proud of course because many have survived the sudden windy spring and lots of rain. After a month, we changed them to yoghurt pots, I think soon will be time for some to repot them into bigger pots, such as the zucchinis, tomatoes… What do you think? This is the first time we plant more than just lettuce or tomatoes, so there are some we forgot already the names… can you tell we are truly beginners?? hahaha Sorry for that, soon we will make some gardening labels, specially for the herbs since I really do not recognise most of them. For example, I always confuse coriander with parsley =s

Anyway, we will keep you updated and of course, if you have comments or tips, please let us know! Happy gardening!

How is your gardening doing?

3 thoughts on “ecogreenlove’s Balcony Garden [Update]

  1. Your plants look great. One year I planted seeds in cups to later be transplanted into my garden. I didn’t label them thinking I would be able to tell them apart. I transplanted mystery plants into my garden 🙂 . I learned that labeling the plants is a good thing 🙂

    1. Now I learned that too late hahaha
      Unfortunately I have no garden but I think they are begging me for bigger pots

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂

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