A Beginner’s Guide to the Minimalist Movement [Infographic]

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Minimalist Movement [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Infographic by CustomMade

“My greatest skill in life has been to want but little.”
– Henry David Thoreau, Walden

In today’s world, the average individual is likely to have more stuff than at any previous time in history. It can be difficult, in a society focused on conspicuous consumption, to follow the siren song of simplicity. But a growing movement known as minimalism shows us that living well with less isn’t just possible—it can be highly rewarding.

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ecogreenlove’s Balcony Garden [Update]

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Starting this year’s ecogreenlove garden and how to store seeds

So March arrived, and with it the excitement of starting sowing once again. Last year was my very first year to (seriously) grow something, and in the autumn of 2013 we harvested a good bunch of bell peppers, red chillies, lettuce and cocktail tomatoes. This time, ecogreenlove is going for more! Trying other seeds, seeds from sachets that we’ve bought but also trying to sow from last year’s harvest… we’ll see how it all goes.

Also, this year we started Bokashi composting, which means, we don’t need to buy fertilizer, we are practically making our own soil directly from our kitchen, 100% organic (and the big advantage is that I can be sure it is 100% organic, not only because the label says so). Another difference is that we are planting more and different vegetables rather than flowers.

And something I learned is that you really have to be organized when sowing. So many times I tried to plant something and never grew or eventually died, so we’re giving the seeds a better look and care this time, and I’m creating a timetable of when we’re planting what, when is sprouting and when we’ll be transplanting, as well as ideal conditions (temperature, soil, etc)

I even draw a very basic graphic to know which seeds are in which egg cartons, because as you can see, we planted most of them reusing egg cartons. So here is an example:

Gardening tips: How to Save & Store Seeds | ecogreenlove

So far, we only have 50 seeds growing because of our small space, we do not have a garden, what we are doing is planting in our balconies, so everything has to be very well distributed having each the space they need. So there will be an update for this post when we manage to sow the rest of our vegetables and herbs. The weather here in southwest Germany is still fresh and rainy, so we are starting the seeds indoors. Now, since we didn’t plant aaaaall the seeds, I want to save some for next year (from harvest and from sachets), I did some research and here are some tips if you are also planning to do that:

Tips for Storing Seeds | When to Collect, How to Collect | Make a Seed Organizer

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