COP26 and #TeamSeas [Videos]

COP26 and #TeamSeas [Videos] | ecogreenlove

What is COP26? and what’s behind the hashtag #TeamSeas? Here are some explanatory videos.

Here’s what you need to know about the crucial UN climate conference set to take place in Glasgow, Scotland from October 31-November 12, 2021. Featuring climate advocate Al Gore; Paris Climate Agreement architect Christiana Figueres; minister and activist Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr.; UN High Level Climate Action Champion for COP25 Gonzalo Muñoz; and climate activist Xiye Bastida.


Team Seas is raising 30 million dollars to remove 30 million pounds of plastic and trash from the ocean. This is one pound of trash cleaned up for each dollar raised. They are working with the most trusted non-profit clean-up organizations on the planet such as Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup to make this happen.

Join #TeamSeas or Donate at to remove 30,000,000 lbs by the end of the year!

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