Making the Most of Your Summer’s End

Making the Most of Your Summer's End | ecogreenlove

Looking at the calendar and seeing that summer is almost over can be tough on many people. In fact, there is a condition called August anxiety that can create stress for some folks as they realize that their favorite season is slipping away. If you feel this way, now is the time to enjoy some last-minute excitement with these fun and eco-friendly activities.

Making the Most of Your Summer's End | ecogreenlove
Image by Uriel Mont on Pexels

Go Camping!

If you are feeling down during this time of year, then camping may be the perfect solution. In addition to providing beautiful sights, camping and outdoor activity, in general, has been proven to be very therapeutic for the soul, as outdoor exercise can reduce stress and help your body to fight off chronic illnesses due to the physical activity involved.

The simplicity of nature may be exactly what you need to put your mind at ease, and there are many ways to enjoy your time. Hiking and backpacking are ideal during this time of year because the weather will be a bit cooler and, in many places, you can see the leaves changing colors, which can be quite amazing.

To create an eco-friendly camping trip, remember to bring your reusable water bottle so you can fill it up at water stations whenever possible. If you have a friend that owns a tent, consider borrowing theirs instead of buying a new one to avoid excess manufacturing, especially if you don’t go camping often.

Making the Most of Your Summer's End • Gardening | ecogreenlove
Photo by Matteo Badini from Pexels


If you’d rather spend time around the house, then consider planting a garden. This is another chance to be in nature, and the cardio associated with planting and hauling materials can be great for your body. Plus, the feeling of starting a vegetable from a basic seed and seeing it thrive provides a great feeling of accomplishment.

Due to the changing season and the cooler temperatures, you want to be cautious about what you plant, but there are plenty of vegetables that thrive at this time of year. Carrots are a great option as they grow well when planted from July to early August, so you can have new carrots by the fall. Onions are another great option as they can actually grow stronger in colder climates.

It is important to inspect and verify that you are using newer materials while gardening, especially when it comes to the soil. For instance, some people use vermiculite to amend their soil, but bags produced before 1990 could contain dangerous asbestos, which can cause cancer, so take the time to read the packaging to avoid this dangerous chemical.

Making the Most of Your Summer's End • Grilling | ecogreenlove
Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Grilling at the Park

Some people may have feelings of anxiety when they realize that they may not see their friends as often come autumn, so take the time now to invite them out to the park for a BBQ. This is a chance to again be out in nature as you throw the frisbee, play some baseball, or just mingle in the shade of a gorgeous tree.

Your group can get extra exercise and practice sustainable travel by ditching the car and riding your bikes to the park. When it comes to buying food and supplies, talk to all attendees to make a list so you only buy what you need and avoid waste. Also, skip the disposable plastic or paper plates and instead bring dishes from home that you can easily wash at the end of the day.

There is a lot of outdoor fun to be had with the kids before they need to return to school, and now is the time to check some of these activities off of your bucket list. A fun idea is to take a day trip to a local fair or amusement park. You could also take the clan on a trip to the beach to enjoy water skiing, swimming, or even try fishing. Another fun activity that is gaining steam is going to an outdoor theater to see a flick before the weather gets too cold.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy the waning days of summer, so don’t delay. Get out there, enjoy the warm temperatures, and have a blast. Doing so will make the transition to fall that much easier.

Luke Smith

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Luke Smith is a writer and researcher turned blogger. Since finishing college he is trying his hand at being a freelance writer. When he isn’t writing you can find him travelling, hiking, or gaming. You can keep up with his writing on his Twitter.

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