How to care for Bromeliad Plants

How to care for Bromeliad Plants | ecogreenlove

Do you love bromeliads? Well, you may feel like you need to cultivate up some of them but all seems in vain. Well, different bromeliads grow in different conditions. There are several categories of bromeliads that can be categorized into different genera. Under each genera are different species of bromeliads. Bromeliad genera include aechmea, ananas, billbergia, bromelia, edmundoa, dyckia, nidularium, tillandsia, vriesea and wittrockia. There are several other genera but these do extremely well in South America, especially Brazil.

There are about 3000 known species of bromeliads and 56 genera into which they have been categorized. The major divisions of the bromeliads include:

  • Bromelioideae: 32 genera and 861 species in total.
  • Pitcairnioideae: 16 genera and 1030 species in total.
  • Tillandsioideae: 9 genera and 1277 species in total.

How to care for Bromeliad Plants | ecogreenlove

If you like flowers then you ought to know that some bromeliads flower while others don’t. Some bromeliad species may also be used for food such as the pineapple while others are just used for beauty. Another prime factor why the knowledge of bromeliads is significant is that different species of bromeliads are prone to different diseases in case any. This helps you to monitor your bromeliads carefully. Some bromeliad species do well in different light conditions, temperatures, water and fertilizer conditions. Different bromeliad species bloom differently at different stages of growth while others don’t bloom at all.

Bromeliad Plant Care

The plant bromeliad can form a great houseplant if well taken care of. Are you a lover of Bromeliad plants? You can then obtain one from the local nursery or grocery. However, the race does not end there as you need to take good care of the plant bromeliad.

First, you must find a good place for it. But you must never put the plant bromeliad in direct sunlight when it is still new. Only low light should be used because experiments have shown that a hot bulb may also burn the plant bromeliad. Get a minimum measure as you water your plant so that you don’t overwater. It is a fair practice to keep the plant in a container where you can easily drain the water. If the plant is placed in a pot with excess water then it will easily rot off.

An example of finding a good level of water to apply to the plant bromeliad is to apply a half a cup of water to the pot, add another half when it dries as you watch the interval. In most cases, a week is the standard interval.

How to care for Bromeliad Plants | ecogreenlove

One may wonder why the plant bromeliad is so precious! Well, there are several reasons for the same. It is very pretty. The plant bromeliad also relieves stress. The plant bromeliad is known to remove any form of toxins present in the air thus providing fresh oxygen back. It is funny that with this great benefit of the plant bromeliad, you need to remove the flower as it grows. This can be done by use of a pair of pruning shears or a sharp knife. Carefully remove the spike bloom and then keep watering. In as much as your plant bromeliad may grow without color, it will soon blossom.

Once the flower has been removed the plant bromeliad does not flower again. However, the buds arising may grow to flowers if well taken care of.

Bromeliad plants growing in the wild are known to flower and grow very tall. It is important to know that those grown in the nursery may not match that height. Most of them are therefore treated before being shipped out for sale and planting. The treatment is majorly aimed at taking care of the stunted growth that they experience. The plant bromeliad looks great when planted outdoors. It may also be planted indoors as long as proper care and maintenance is provided.

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